Humidity the ups and downs

Its a tad warm today – not really warm more its humid and the temp is around the best normal range possible, but the humidity makes it feel so much more heavy in the air and this makes it feel warmer.

Its a very odd thing – I actually find myself enjoying the warmer right now. This is something new for my life – I’ve always been a cooler is better gal, but lately I’ve been finding warmer is just great.

We had a coffee chat with family today – just the gals and we gossiped – which is again not something I’m particularly accustomed to doing, but it was pretty amazing fun. Plus the coffee – hurrah coffee.

It has been a day of learning and practicing for me so far – P dealt with the fallen tree that has been leaning on the fence since right before the blizzard – he got a new toy (chainsaw) to deal with the tree – so today was the magic day. I, however, am having a fairly low energy day – so I felt the “need” to not go help him. This was hard for me – particularly since yesterday I thought to myself “it would be a good day to deal with this thing”….. but today, was the day P chose, and since he was doing it – well that is more appropriate.

The tree itself was “given” back to the side where it came from – especially considering we don’t have a fireplace to burn the wood hanging over our fence. It was a personal challenge to sit on my bum and do nothing, to say nothing and stay out of his way. To not be a distraction, to just do my own thing – knowing this was a lesson for me in taking care of me first.

That old adage “put on your oxygen mask before you help others” …. has always seemed like something I understood, but its something that until the past few months I’ve often neglected. I’m coming to recognize that there is no value in helping if you aren’t taking care of yourself.

So I’m learning, again, how to take care of myself. Lessons you don’t master will keep coming around repeating themselves until you have managed to “get them down” …. this is just confirmation for me.

We ordered a few more of my supplements again, there are just so many I’m taking on the regular it feels often like we are always ordering supplements. Its like “Hey P, can you order me some xyz…. ” … again and again – but its what happens when there are just so many that I take regularly. I’ve been body testing each of them every day – I’ve also tried a few times of “not taking them” …. just to validate that they are helpful, needed, and making me stronger/better able to heal.

There are alot of things in my life that are just so serendipitous. These things, and the folks that turned me onto them is just another example of leading me to the proper fastest course.

Its really a blessing to have these tools available. Its also a blessing to have P to help me keep them available and in stock.

The world is full of blessings, and I’m so grateful to be the steward of so many of them. May life continue to rain its joy upon my days and nights.

Froggy mornings

So it was a beautiful full moon last night, peeking thru the clouds. Got to experience her in all her glory as she shined brightly glowing in the night sky.

This morning, the fog is thick. We got up early to do our weekend chores – I started this thing, when we are winding down on Friday Nights to set listen to P let me know his goals for the weekend, and I volunteer my services to help him get them accomplished. This weekend was a bunch of errands – but we got them knocked out super early Saturday so he has the rest of the weekend to relax. Yeah Us.

The fog was just so so thick. We went for a drive – down our usually route (130) and it was so thick with fog that the road was completely obscured- making the normal route somewhat “new and different” because you really couldn’t distinguish all the normal landmarks.

Its very amusing to me how things that can be just the norm can be totally different with a minor deviation. Its like a fresh coat of paint in a new room – it somehow makes the space completely changed.

Life is like this amazing ferris wheel – where you go around and around, but the view keeps changing based upon conditions. Never a dull moment.

I got to see P’s offsite storage today – he was a tad nervous I’d make him feel judged about this – so I eliminated his concerns by … Not.

There are just so many amazing things right now, even if its crazy and a reminder that the devil is in the details. Its all and always about the little things.

Had some anxiety dreams again – about ball parks and huge stadiums of people and appointments. The song “take me out to the ball game” going thru my head as I waited six feet spaced thru this incredible hours and hours long line with all my closest friends – I mean random strangers all doing the same. Somehow it was my nervousness about P not being scheduled yet for his second shot.

The county – williamson county – took over the “vaccinations” where we got it – so I’m 100% certain its bound to have a ton more red tape and be alot less efficient then it was originally when we went thru – something about government involvement making things take longer and be more difficult. But I’m sure someone needed their pound of flesh — I mean million dollars of revenue – they couldn’t just let people get safe without taking some toll for this cause. Now its soon to be his time to need the second shot, and they haven’t done the things needed – Red tape…. gotta love it.

I’ve learned and read alot about these vaccines, and its a very curious thing to me how they are so much the same, and so very different. They are humanities way of side stepping Darwins attempt to wipe humans off the planet – the Virus’s shall rule the earth. …. well atleast sometimes, it feels like thats the “way”

But then I remind myself that the Mandalorian all wore helms and that was “the way” and its interesting to me that the helm is sorta like the “mask” we all wear all the time now – so maybe fantasy is the perpetual reflection of reality I’ve always believed it to be……

Go figure.

Life is good – I am grateful for so many inspiring things and people in my life. Thank you universe for filling my heart with joy and people to remind me how great the world is right now.

New Normal

P and I were talking this morning – he was lamenting about all the pandemic things – how they have shattered society and made things complicated. He commented “when things get back to normal”….

I expressed my opinion. This is the new normal. There is no “going back” or “getting back to normal”

This virus is extremely aggressive. Its mutating on the regular, and it has a strong wish to thrive. Not just survive, but thrive. We are the species it is using as its food.

New normal looks like what we have now. Overly abundant remote things, doing less thinking and loving more, spending time doing the things that are important, and much more focus on personal hygiene.

While I will miss many of the things from old society, I feel there is alot of value in things from new normal. People pay more attention.

There is a sense of community of helping – that is more prevalent atleast in my opinion – than previously. Innovation for “how to help and still be safe” — ingenuity. Its a thought I have had for a long time that society has been stagnant, that it kinda needed some shaking up. This new normal is just that type of innovation – while at the same time, the compassion in me wouldn’t wish for this to occur – wouldn’t wish for all the losses that we have experienced – the souls taken from life due to extreme conditions – the ones that are still on the path to ascension.

While its a struggle – its like the song says “In every revolution there is one man with a vision” — Its an opinion of mine that this is a form of revolution– its definitely a How to survive and thrive as a species moment.

As the other song says “Come together right now…” — Gratitude, recognizing the beauty, harmony and joy in the moments and the bliss of experiences.

Thank you universe for allowing me the chance to be here in this moment in time – this “new roaring 20s” – the one that my niece will hear and read about when she is older. The roar is the part that will be interesting.

Thank you for all the lions in my life.

These dreams

Song stuck in my head – not really relevant but kind of I suppose like most of the other lyrics…. Heart: These dreams – so I had a anxiety dream last night – P took care of me and took me around to make sure peeps were doing okay.

Its an odd thing, but I’m pretty certain something about this vaccine has a side effect of inducing weird dreams. Not necessarily intensive to the point of waking up screaming – nor to the point of something you would look for a source – more a “hrmm that was a weird/bad dream.” type of thing. I have checked with alot of folks that have gotten this shot, and they too have experienced weird dreams – or weird wakefulness moments after the vaccine.

This could also be a product of the “times” — With so much isolation, people are waking up. Realizing their humanness is not just the skin and bones but also some of the “other things”

We like to call this Alethia Insanity things – the “anti talking outloud” type of things – or rather the things of so many paranormal movies, tv shows and books. People have talked my whole life about “those things” – well, I know some of them to be valid.

Intuition isn’t just an insanity anymore. Everybody is doing it.

It keeps things interesting, and more attached then any other medium I know.

Thank you to all the people in my life that share boundless bounties of blessings with me by just being. Thank you to the ones that go the extra step to dance and savor the possibilities with me. Thank you eternally for all the ones that shower me with love and grace to continually explore all of the realms of possibility and to feel gratitude for all things.

Was having a conversation in my dreams – sorta a weird thing where I was teaching a class about gratitude. The “students” or fellow learners weren’t unaware of the concept but they were … well the depths that gratitude contains are more vast than the entirety of the depths of the ocean or the bounds of space. Gratitude, being a mental thing, and the possibilities of the mind and emotion being limitless. It was an interesting dream, I “joined into” it at the end of the lecture I was giving, and before the “fika” – thanks sweden for teaching me this expression for taking a break and sharing a coffee with friends.

Ganesh has also graced me with infiniteness in my dreams of late – although not traditionally one of my patron deities, it is always a welcome thing to be graced by such a wonderful auspiciously telling spirit. Boundless possibilities.

So I mentioned to P that it wasn’t “really” a rental or the SUV or the camping trip I was wanting for my birthday. It was Smores. The experience of making and enjoying smores with family. This is what I want for my birthday this year. He was so excited to be able to make something more realistic occur I expect I’ll be enjoying wonderfully delicious bounty with friends and loved ones soon.

Something about smores just sings of all that is good and right with the universe – while at the same time realistically being terrible unhealthy and horrible bad for you. Balance in all things.

Life is good.

Buried Treasure

So we have been clearing and eating thru things in our freezer. Its a rather exciting thing.

One thing, that has come to my attention since …. x times. My tastes have changed. Suddenly Pork tastes amazing. This is after most of my life not enjoying the taste at all. Odd the things that life is bringing me right now.

We made a pork loin in the crockpot last night – super easy with the last apple, and the last of a sauerkraut we left and man did it turn out amazing. So tasty for left overs.

In my grocery store adventures yesterday I picked up a package of super yummy slider bread – because I remembered we had a package of sliders left to be cooked/enjoyed in the freezer. These will be making their way into my belly today – super exciting.

Had a very weird call yesterday from the scheduler for my doctor. They asked if I could come in on Thursday this week. No reason given just a “can you make a ten am appt” — this is so so ominous. I really don’t have time in my life for ominous. I replied to her the sweet scheduling lady to express that I’d like to know why she wants to see me, but the anxiety damage was done, both P and I spent alot of time last night stressing about this….. and the most odd part is its probably innoxious.

I had called yesterday to schedule my next treatment, and my next appt, which they didn’t schedule yet – so I’m overall – well I should say Intuition tells me its just the doctor being OCD (takes one to know one) and that its really nothing to be concerned with – its also her trying to convince me to go to a three week schedule on the meds instead of a four week schedule – which just isn’t’ going to happen because I’ve been doing four weeks for the past year, and having pretty good success with it so far.

Talked to my dads sister last evening which is – well I’ve talked to her a few times in recent months. She was checking to see how we were doing with all the blizzard. We were discussing the vaccines. While I feel like in history there are been many many diseases, I also feel like we are sardines more in a can and littered with less intelligent peeps – the same ones that think its okay to use the bathroom and not wash their hands – so it makes for a tad more scary conditions.

It could also just be that the access of information spreads the fear and anxiety alot more prevalently – as there isn’t really a good place to “get away” from the realities of things right now.

More and more of my friends and family are just exploding with stress. Its like being all stuck in a cookie jar, sure the lid keeps us contained and safe, but we are all still cookies waiting to burst.

I tried Keffir again in my grocery store adventure, since it was one of the things that they had an overabundance of – and keeping a healthy gut biome, I’m convinced is the best tool to health that we have….. and its not as bad as I remember. This one is mango flavored – which truthfully I got in hopes that P would share with me — that didn’t happen lol – and now I’m making my way thru mango keffir – could be worse.

In talks with my therapist yesterday, and in conversations with P I’ve come to realize that the little girl inside of me is quite demanding, her “go to ” comfort thing is often nearly always something edible. So I’m working on finding ways to keep her happy, to embrace her goodness and let her know she is loved – without feeding myself all those yummy delicious things. That being said, sometimes you just gotta let go and enjoy some of the naughty things in life.

Here is to a day of healthier eating, and happier exploring. Also to a clean floor and a happy shiny bathroom.

This is the time….

So many things cross my mind with that phrase….

Its lyrics for a billy joel song “this is the time to remember cause it will not last forever…”

Also carousel of progress “this is the time, this is the best time this is the best time of your life”

Mostly these are good days.

I’m enjoying some of my “new pumpkin bread”…. its surprisingly alot like the gingersnap cookies – I am convinced Molasses is my new friend. Something about it my body is like “yes yes yes”…. and its highly cravable.

I found a buried treasure yesterday. In the process of cleaning out some spaces in preparation for the cleaning people coming – yes I clean before the cleaning people – go figure I like to have the space clutter free before they come in and make it spic and span. This is something I used to be able to handle, but its a good thing to get someone else to help.

I was cleaning, and I came across the rest of my pumpkin spice coffee – already ground up. I had been “saving it” for something special – well TODAY is special by gosh.

Need to make a billion calls out to doctors today – have to get next treatment & next scans scheduled – not one of my favorite things, but a needed thing for this moment in time. Also need to follow up / check in with the neurologist about the reduced seizure meds – they seem to be fine, but it would always be a smart idea to follow up with a doctor.

P & I have been talking about this class b RV. Its like a van that is actually an RV – drivable home – with a bathroom and a space that folds into a bed. Its small – but super pricy. We have talked about renting one to “see” how we do with them. I’m not sure we are “these” type of people – much like when I talked to my uncle last night, I’m definitely certain we are NOT the country type of people to own the acres of land that require daily chores to maintain.

There is something annoying however, about living in an HOA with deed restrictions that prohibit getting a generator?!? – No power for you!

Watching this Youtubber that P enjoys Goonzsquad – they have been building a “house” up in the mountains – and enjoying all their experiences has been — well if I ever ever needed a confirmation this is NOT me… that was it!

Today may include venturing out to the store – since our instacart order keeps getting pushed – We placed this the day before valentines day – and its now scheduled for “possible delivery” Feb 27th. I mean please people; I understand weather WAS inclement – but Fifo? Its not a little order its a pretty larger order, but if I have to shop by gosh I will shop.

Overall, I’m feeling a little better, and ALOT feisty. I think the two go hand in hand…. or well, I’m able to better recognize my feistiness of late.

Happened upon an old email from a friend that lost his battle a few years back. It was an unexpected thing, and the email sort of … well it kinda hit me hard – not everyone gets to win. I will be one of those few.

We have been making a game of using up all the old things in the house – the food cooking game – and its been going pretty great – however the fridge is looking quite spartan and the veg is what I’m after, here is hoping for a propitious day of adventuring if its today.

Endurance and sunny days

Last week, was officially the coldest I’ve ever experienced here in Texas. Having lived here over 20 years its the first time that its been single digits ever – and the fact that it lasted for three days was …. an interesting to say the least experience.

The thing about Texas is its great, but its not prepared to be a northern state – it doesn’t have the winterizations in place for such cold conditions and it was truly a hardship for all of us here in the state.

Its amusing to me to have learned that one of our Senators “flew the coup” so to speak, and ran away to a tropical vacation instead of ensuring those that elected him had power, water, and access to basic necessities. I mean family always comes first, and its been made into so many …. well commentaries about this, that I’m certain its clear this isn’t acceptable behavior. Far be it from me to judge someone else coping mechanisms, but it would seem that being in elected office doesn’t ensure that one takes care of the people who put you there, I wonder what it does do.

Representation doesn’t seem to mean the same thing in this society that it once did.

The forced shut down – as there was snow, that was not removed for a week on the roads – closed things like Walgreens – and I was unable to get my anti-seizure meds, which I always seem to have difficulties with – politicians failing to remove them from Class C narcotics – I mean Yeah lets get doped up on meds designed to prevent my brain from going space age – so I typically call to reorder more than a week before I run out – but its ALWAYS a struggle for the Pharmacy – yes I’ve tried several – to get/keep/order these meds.

This time was no different – I called well before the blizzard, but they wouldn’t be able to have the meds till the earliest Monday – which turned out to be the blizzard.

They were closed all week. I would have run out of these meds on Friday – but I had the forethought to “half” them.

Now I’ve talked to the neurologist many times since the seizure festival of Jan 2020. He is in support of what my best thought/plan/intuition is – if its to reduce, he supports, if its to stay the course, he supports. There is not a strong nor persuasive argument for either option – aside from all the hell I had physically last year, and not wanting the possibility of “more seizures” – — they are frightening things.

So we stayed the course all year and early in this year – until winter had other thoughts. We cut the pills in half and effectively reduced my dose to conserve the meds – the most annoying thing about anti seizure meds is they CAUSE seizures. You can’t just stop cold turkey – but reducing was probably my best option. So I reduced.

Low and behold…. some of the miserable symptom I was experiencing was apparently contributable to this medication. Half seemed better. It seems to have continued to contain any seizures, as well as not making me feel quite so much like a walking zombie.

its an amazing thing to me that out of a crazy time and experience I am able to drag a little optimism, a little spark of hope and an incredible positive thing.

Once the blizzard passed, and Walgreens was open, I was able to get the refill of my meds. Still waiting officially to hear back from the neurologist. But overall half seems better.

Now to just keep looking up, and enjoying these sunny days.

The weather outside is frightful….

This is one of those times I am slightly sad that I didn’t hold out and push for the fireplace inside – that mostly would not be utilized like 90% of the time.

Yes, yes, its official – Hell has finally frozen over. Its been a week of extremely low temperatures here in Austin Texas – its been the coldest in my memory here since we moved here 20+ years ago. There is snow on the ground, in the yard and on the walks that has been there, stationary for more than 3 days. If there ever were a definition of hell freezing over, this would be the one. We have had multiple days in a row in single digits. Many of us are without power, without water – atleast our hurricane learnings/lessons are kicking in and we know what to do – and hey the pandemic had convinced us to ‘stock up’ so we are ready for you Mr Freeze, we are ready.

Texas is just not prepared for this type of temperature – we have no snow plows here in Austin – which means the inches of snow that has formed on I35 is now treacherous. That’s okay because there are those folks with 4×4 that are out blowing the stuff across the individuals manually trying to clear the ice.

And of course, there is our elected Republican senator that chose this time – one of the worst snow storms in the states history to give us the true thumbs up by flying off in the middle of this to the Bahamas.

Conditions like this make me realize how blessed I am – all be it miserable because of not being able to get additional treatments that would have helped with the side effects from chemo and vaccine. I’m almost out of the epilepsy meds I called in last Thursday to get refilled – because they “didn’t have them until Monday” and the weather has had them closed since then….. 2 more days worth, then maybe we will actually see if I need them thru necessity or not.

Things that just make me worry. Good news is I have alot of the meds to help me relax which oddly I’m willing to take like candy right now, because everything else feels…. off.

Chemo normally has me feeling off. The second vaccine would have had me feeling off….. the fact that the cedars – god bless america – the cedars have chosen this winter malady to be super aggressively high – guess they decided to “smoke em if you got em” …. the pressure system from the winter …. I’m just off. Things feel miserable – luckily – thankfully – blessedly NOT OVERLY painful. Just ridiculously uncomfortable. Like trying to wear those pants in the 80s that you KNOW were the wrong size, but you got them anyway and you tried to inch and inch them on…. and aha they were on… but OMFG you couldn’t move…. yeah we all know about THAT feeling!

Starbuck had a tick this morning? IDK how this could possible have happened. We have had the same pesticide company for many years – we took him to the groomers a couple of weeks ago…. but there it was…. also worth mentioning it was VERY dead in his fur. Go figure maybe something is working. He is quite happier at the fact that the strip next to the house he has been using is becoming more visible so there is a “place to go”. — Our little black dog, not very fond of a white covered yard.

I’ve been putting together a play list of one hit wonders – sprinkled in between to break up the mix a bit are “NON” one hit wonders to remind the list “Music goes on”….. and kinda to thank these folks for their contribution to my mind, heart, and soul for their one hit charm. I’ve asked friends for contributions, and gotten a few interesting adds….. Its coming along quite well so far – more one hits then I’d realized, and so so many that haven’t come up in my mind cabinets yet….. don’t you worry songs, I’ll catch you and won’t let you slip away.

I am blessed to have family that love me, I am blessed to have unusual things to make me ponder how great life is…. I’m blessed, that the universe heard my words of “Id like to live somewhere where it snows”…. and balanced them in humor into “Oh yeah really? Well try this one on for size…. ” The universe has a human all its own. Gotta just ride the waves of the insanity.

Another piece of perpetual learning

So this post was originally going to be labeled “poppies will make the sleep” because I’m just super tired as i write this…. and the quote from the wizard of oz where Dorthey and her companies are traipsing thru the field of poppies popped into my head and it sounded pretty good to fall asleep right now from a field of flowers.

In my searching for link or reference information for that quote, I happened across the original meaning of poppies. They were a semblance of remembrance – because they grew across the graves of the soldiers in world war one. This is something I didn’t know, and the relative pieces of information for it were equally interesting.

So poppies take a new meaning, and my tired ness must find a new outlet.

There is alot to do today. I’m tired but not sleepy – the banes of medicine to help elevate symptoms is it grants you boons of other things – like wake up – or in musical terms: Chop Suey— a song that has always represented waking up because it helps to wake up.

Treatment and second shot seemed to go well yesterday, but its kinda hard to tell with the steroid covering up symptoms.

Today, its crazy weather again – we had frozen ice all day yesterday, and the roads will be covered with it today and probably the rest of the majority of next week. Very unsafe driving conditions.

A friend is having surgery today – its a “light” thing – if there is such a thing as light surgery. Still worried a little about her – she has a new kiddo – he is two, and does the most amazing things.

There have been alot of odd thoughts traveling thru my brain and dropping off bread crumbs – I feel they are leading me to some revelation but it is just kinda a “and then, and then, and then” moment – where I’m somewhat waiting for the big reveal. All seem to stem from my analogue of the fact that facts are all part of a giant wheel and the perspective on them depends on where you start – but from the middle of the pie they all will seem to be the same with a slightly different texture and meaning.

Opinions are one of those things that seem to be a granted right that goes along with having a soul. Sharing that opinion or the concepts that build from it – well that is a different thing. Its great to have one, it comes with the responsibility of learning when to hold and when to fold, when to walk away and when to run – as the gambler taught.

Apparently I’m feeling a little more lyric today than even usual – so here is hoping that it turns into a magical day for everyone in my life.

I am thankful and blessed for all the incredible people both close, far, touchable, and remote that give my life inspiration, meaning and above all happiness. Its great to be alive. Life holds so many mysteries and so many playgrounds to explore.

Here is to another beautiful day – today being filled with trees coated in Ice.

Old and New

Was thinking about some of the things – so many of the things I have learned over the past few years.

Some of the books I’ve read – scoured actually in an attempt to “heal” … and how the advice of others is not nearly as good as the advice of my internal voice.

Lit some incense the other day in the house and it was just so so strong. I know there was a time I was burning these on the daily – and I don’t recall them being so overpowering. There are three incense I use on the regular – Temple incense – which smells like some of the temples from my travels in India / Rose and Jasmine incense – which smells quite calming but also sorta alluring in a pleasant way / Nagchampa – which smells a little like the temple incense but somehow works pretty great to connect to intuition and make meditation seem more …. well its like smelling warm cookies baking, you just want to eat them.

Have been playing some WoW lately – its a little more than a little addicting to me, but its also somewhat a great distraction from focusing too hard on the “healing” — I’ve found myself to be my own worst enemy when it comes to tap tap tap heal faster – where as when I’m focusing on “something else” I let my body actually do the work.

This week I’m a tad nervous. Have treatment, and also have second vaccine shot scheduled – same day. They gave me an option to push out the shot, but I figure if I’m likely going to feel miserable best to have it be all at the same time.

Old thinking patterns have not been serving me especially well, so I’m working to expand my mind, contemplate my patterns, and drive towards different ways of thinking.

This is not an easy thing to do. In fact, its quite challenging. Knowing “where” a pattern comes from helps a little but its still much like knowing “where” the spider lives, but not being completely resigned to the fact that if you want the webs to go away, you gotta get rid of the root cause.

Some things are good, some things not so great – some just still need tending. My garden is growing, I’m just learning to adjust to tend to the weeds.

Friend sent me flowers, and they are such a beautiful reminder that I have alot of support, alot of caring people rooting for me. My own personal cheerleading team ready to celebrate with every victory, or equally ready to pump me up with every struggle.

This is a week of very good days, time to thrive in them and enjoy every minute.