Froggy mornings

So it was a beautiful full moon last night, peeking thru the clouds. Got to experience her in all her glory as she shined brightly glowing in the night sky.

This morning, the fog is thick. We got up early to do our weekend chores – I started this thing, when we are winding down on Friday Nights to set listen to P let me know his goals for the weekend, and I volunteer my services to help him get them accomplished. This weekend was a bunch of errands – but we got them knocked out super early Saturday so he has the rest of the weekend to relax. Yeah Us.

The fog was just so so thick. We went for a drive – down our usually route (130) and it was so thick with fog that the road was completely obscured- making the normal route somewhat “new and different” because you really couldn’t distinguish all the normal landmarks.

Its very amusing to me how things that can be just the norm can be totally different with a minor deviation. Its like a fresh coat of paint in a new room – it somehow makes the space completely changed.

Life is like this amazing ferris wheel – where you go around and around, but the view keeps changing based upon conditions. Never a dull moment.

I got to see P’s offsite storage today – he was a tad nervous I’d make him feel judged about this – so I eliminated his concerns by … Not.

There are just so many amazing things right now, even if its crazy and a reminder that the devil is in the details. Its all and always about the little things.

Had some anxiety dreams again – about ball parks and huge stadiums of people and appointments. The song “take me out to the ball game” going thru my head as I waited six feet spaced thru this incredible hours and hours long line with all my closest friends – I mean random strangers all doing the same. Somehow it was my nervousness about P not being scheduled yet for his second shot.

The county – williamson county – took over the “vaccinations” where we got it – so I’m 100% certain its bound to have a ton more red tape and be alot less efficient then it was originally when we went thru – something about government involvement making things take longer and be more difficult. But I’m sure someone needed their pound of flesh — I mean million dollars of revenue – they couldn’t just let people get safe without taking some toll for this cause. Now its soon to be his time to need the second shot, and they haven’t done the things needed – Red tape…. gotta love it.

I’ve learned and read alot about these vaccines, and its a very curious thing to me how they are so much the same, and so very different. They are humanities way of side stepping Darwins attempt to wipe humans off the planet – the Virus’s shall rule the earth. …. well atleast sometimes, it feels like thats the “way”

But then I remind myself that the Mandalorian all wore helms and that was “the way” and its interesting to me that the helm is sorta like the “mask” we all wear all the time now – so maybe fantasy is the perpetual reflection of reality I’ve always believed it to be……

Go figure.

Life is good – I am grateful for so many inspiring things and people in my life. Thank you universe for filling my heart with joy and people to remind me how great the world is right now.

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