This is the time….

So many things cross my mind with that phrase….

Its lyrics for a billy joel song “this is the time to remember cause it will not last forever…”

Also carousel of progress “this is the time, this is the best time this is the best time of your life”

Mostly these are good days.

I’m enjoying some of my “new pumpkin bread”…. its surprisingly alot like the gingersnap cookies – I am convinced Molasses is my new friend. Something about it my body is like “yes yes yes”…. and its highly cravable.

I found a buried treasure yesterday. In the process of cleaning out some spaces in preparation for the cleaning people coming – yes I clean before the cleaning people – go figure I like to have the space clutter free before they come in and make it spic and span. This is something I used to be able to handle, but its a good thing to get someone else to help.

I was cleaning, and I came across the rest of my pumpkin spice coffee – already ground up. I had been “saving it” for something special – well TODAY is special by gosh.

Need to make a billion calls out to doctors today – have to get next treatment & next scans scheduled – not one of my favorite things, but a needed thing for this moment in time. Also need to follow up / check in with the neurologist about the reduced seizure meds – they seem to be fine, but it would always be a smart idea to follow up with a doctor.

P & I have been talking about this class b RV. Its like a van that is actually an RV – drivable home – with a bathroom and a space that folds into a bed. Its small – but super pricy. We have talked about renting one to “see” how we do with them. I’m not sure we are “these” type of people – much like when I talked to my uncle last night, I’m definitely certain we are NOT the country type of people to own the acres of land that require daily chores to maintain.

There is something annoying however, about living in an HOA with deed restrictions that prohibit getting a generator?!? – No power for you!

Watching this Youtubber that P enjoys Goonzsquad – they have been building a “house” up in the mountains – and enjoying all their experiences has been — well if I ever ever needed a confirmation this is NOT me… that was it!

Today may include venturing out to the store – since our instacart order keeps getting pushed – We placed this the day before valentines day – and its now scheduled for “possible delivery” Feb 27th. I mean please people; I understand weather WAS inclement – but Fifo? Its not a little order its a pretty larger order, but if I have to shop by gosh I will shop.

Overall, I’m feeling a little better, and ALOT feisty. I think the two go hand in hand…. or well, I’m able to better recognize my feistiness of late.

Happened upon an old email from a friend that lost his battle a few years back. It was an unexpected thing, and the email sort of … well it kinda hit me hard – not everyone gets to win. I will be one of those few.

We have been making a game of using up all the old things in the house – the food cooking game – and its been going pretty great – however the fridge is looking quite spartan and the veg is what I’m after, here is hoping for a propitious day of adventuring if its today.

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