Circle in the sand

One of the songs in my teenage years that was always a comfort but also felt like it was a shadowing at the time was the Circle in the Sand song. Literally I could see the intent and meaning – but figuratively it just applies so much to me.

We rush around and circle, and it is all going to wash away anyway. But its important – the sand is important and the circle. But gosh sometimes feels like alot more work.

Its a time of the year for so so many happy milestones. Looking forward to enjoying all of them.

Somewhat have thoughts of a path to put a harness on progression things. We will see if it has as many twists and turns as I expect, but for today its motion.

Some days are better than others. I like the adage my sister turned me onto of “bones or no bones day” as a way to describe if its a day of activation energy or a day for extra time in the sheets. So much about conditions now make the extra sleep time not possible, but by gosh no bones days ae much harder out of bed lol.

Overall life is good.

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