Vibrance of the Mind

Made roasted Kale chips today, they are too salty, but they are pretty tasty, and for Keto, they fit the bill as well as offer a replacement for that desire of greasy crunch of salty goodness.

Learning to find pleasure in the things that now sustain me, is an interesting thing.

Not focusing on where I am, or what I need to do, but finding simple joy in the small things. Like super salty Kale chips, warm and crispy, tasty and delicious.

Did a yoga session today, felt good to stretch, and made me aware of some things, again. Clarity of thought within my body is becoming a more comfortable thing.

Cleared out a space today, in my plan to clear out things, I’m focusing on one small area every time it strikes me, and I figure eventually I will have everything done. Or I won’t, but its the effort, the work I’m finding satisfaction within.

More medical things today, more household things today, more gaming things today, more conversations about this and that with this person or that person, and I’m somewhat left with this disillusionment.

While I recognize what I’m working on is not an overnight endeavor, it also doesn’t feel like there is a precise and calculated logical path of progression, and I’m finding myself periodically in periods of random floating flow. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does tend to make my anxiety level higher, having grown in my life accustomed to someone else setting the drum and the tempo of things, having control over things myself is liberating and also nerve racking.

Still need resolution for the anxiety things, while I know the things that work, logistically they are not the ideal course currently, for reason x or reason y. I need the universe to clear out some of the obstacles in this, and give me a more support in allowing the easiest solutions to be the best solutions.