I get knocked down but I get up again…..

so its been a week – I fell last friday geting out of the car, tripped on my bag – it would be less bothersome if it hadn’t happened a few months back. Gotta try and not rush – and to focus.

Because of my knowledge on “how to fall” I didn’t break or tear most things – didn’t fall on my head just bruised my chest and ribs way under the skin.

After many attempts at finding things to help I’m settling for finding things to let it heal faster.

Also focusing on being kind to myself and remembering accidents happen and this could have been so so much worse.

Luckily it was at my house and mom was there to help me up. got an amazing surprise today – dad sent me some yellow roses. The house just looks more amazing.

i have found with all the bruising sleeping in my recliner actually seems not a horrible thing since its easier to get out of i just have to remember to move.

Had milestone this week – new niece turned one. P turns 51 Saturday so its a milestone weeek – next will be the same.

So much is happening over so little time. I guess it isn’t really so little time just going so fast – lightening speed. Soon we will have another year.

Life is good.

One thought on “I get knocked down but I get up again…..”

  1. My beautiful Alethia!
    I am very grateful for the time you shared with us. I miss you dearly….and yet, you are residing safely in my heart.
    I love you now, always and forever❣️

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