Pure Energy…

Prequel – this post is sad. Sorry – very sad. Please don’t read this if you aren’t in a position to handle it. Love you – posts won’t always be sad, sometime I’ll get back to the bouncy happy things. Life has just thrown me a few bones yet, and I haven’t figured out how to make soup yet.

There is a song – (as usual) that sorta culminates in what I’m feeling right now. …. Lyrics herePure Energy by Information Society – many many thoughts on my mind.

Had an incident with Starbuck last night, probably me thinking he was awake and he wasn’t. Normally we do a quick cuddle in the middle of the night when I wake for the nightly reminder that I’m alive and that I’ve had enough water. When I come back to the bed, normally I check in with him this time he bit me. Five spots, three broke the skin. Scared me but overall, just made me very sad. He has done this before with strangers, and even with other people when they have gone towards him in a way that I thought was him perceiving it as dangerous. Never before with me.

I don’t typically watch or listen to the news. P & D keep me advised thru social media and also thru general conversation of “things” when they are ones I should know about…. They have recently filled me in on all of the things that make me quite sad to be a white woman these days.

One of the projects around the house that P and I have been working on was in the newly empted back bedroom – as R has moved out, so we have this space that we are defining. We moved the games out of his office, which was great as it gave him space badly needed for his components – we moved the games into this space, and it turns out one of the shelves we thought was sound was not – turns out it ripped a big chunk out of the wall and everything was humpty dumpty all over the floor.

So many little things, so many big little things, so many things in general. My heart hurts. I’ve been letting myself cry a bit, which is a rare thing for me. It still feels alot like feeling sorry for myself, and reminds me of a conversation I had with my grandmother when I was very young, and is probably part of the reason that I don’t cry very much – very often – until now. Trying to let go of some of this pent up stored up emotion that has just been kept inside.

Makes me think of this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNodHg73TO4 – Come on people now smile on your brother, everybody get together try to love one another right now.

I think about all the people who I love that are stuck doing things that are normal things but at this point are so much more dangerous. Like my cousins in law enforcement. My sister in medical. My brother in retail – yeah retail – exposure is exposure. Just makes me wonder and worry a bit.

I am grateful for the good things, the blessings in my life that keep me sane, that keep me positive, hopeful and happy. I am grateful that P works in a place where he will be able to work remotely for a few more months – where we can continue to grow and bond and drive each other nuts here at home. I have a deficiency in my hug quotient. P is working to fill this, but he isn’t really a huggy person and he is one man. Maybe this will evolve him, maybe I will turn him into a big huggy bear after all. The thing about hugs, is they are scientifically proven to release the good hormones in both people. More hugs, more health, more positivity.

We are all energy beings, so I suppose energy hugs are just as effective as physical – but I don’t know if that has been scientifically tested or not – maybe someone will use this time as a test for it. I just know, there is no such thing as “too many hugs”

Hug on people, hug on.

Things I learned from Disney…

There was a song/ride at Epcot – one of my favorite theme parks in Disney World – “Imagination” — and it was a wizard guy flying a balloon with a baby purple dragon – flying around and talking about fantasy things – trying to inspire imagination. I’ve always had a super hyper active imagination. This is something that has not diminished with any conditions in my life.

Fanciful things always fill my head. When I hear or see something my mind immediately thinks of whimsy. For example, I’m doing a project in my bathroom of taking out and organizing all the “things” in there. One of the things is a package of “Gouze” from HEB> its actually “gauze” and it is actually spelled correctly, but they did NOT use the correct type font for an A so from a distance – say the toilet, it looks for all the world like HEB is selling Gouze to cover your wounds. I asked P about this and he thought it was my whimsy but when he looked he was like “wow, this is actually a major thing they did wrong” I’ll post a picture on facebook of this for those that recognize HEB and the fact that apparently They too have whimsy ๐Ÿ™‚ or just newbie marketing people.

So I’ve decided no more Luperone since I’m pretty sure its causing me a ton of bad bad side effects that are more than minorly painful. In the interest of “wow lets get this crap out of my system” I went to the oracle “google” to ask – “google, how this Luperone metabolised” several other polls later, and many webpage searches, I found out that they don’t know yet. This drug got FDA approval with out all the proper information…. in 99. No one has actually resolved this answer since that time. Basically my searching netted me information that said “some people have side effects for 5 years. FIVE YEARS – NFW. Not me boy. So I prayed.

Often times when I pray, I get answers in my dreams, this was no exception. So I was going deep into my body, into the cells, looking for the Luperone, and it manifest in my dreams as these weird … things… like a snail without a shell – or like a long parasite. There were several, in the places one might expect of a hormone suppression drug, on my ovaries, on my uterus, on my pituitary gland, on my breasts. There was one – a rather large one that was on my vertebrae, just snuggled up. So I started talking to this thing – we are going to name him “roger” for no apparent reason other than not having a name makes it harder to continue to explain our discourse.

Roger and I did introductions, and I explained that he was causing me pain. He explained that wasn’t his objective, but that the rest of his “family” had taken all the vital spots for hormone production, so he went to my bones to try and “block/leech” the hormone there. I explained this was not ideal, and that he was hurting me in this process, not helping and that his tail? That is what we agreed to call it was flicking my nerve and causing me excruciating pain.

I asked Roger if there wasn’t somewhere else he could go “do his job” – he explained his children and grandchildren had the other areas covered. He walked me thru my body and somewhat introduced me to the other family members. Also the fast food place they had constructed inside my digestive area – a palace of sorts, taking up residence there that was causing some distress to my “good” bacteria, and also causing me some gastric distress. I politely explained to him that he would need to find another place to stay or he would need to leave.

He explained he was bigger than some of the other family, so he was having a rough time. I asked if someone couldn’t just move to the tubes – since there had to be things there that they could “take care of” – all of the conversation at this point was pleasant.

He tried to get some of his family to swap around, to enable him to have a place to “plant” that wasn’t causing me pain. His family begrudgingly tried this, and lets just say the complaining was spectacular. These wormy type of thingies, were moving all over trying to curl up and find spaces to be happy. It wasn’t working.

The family were all different sizes, the “grand children” which were actually the first ones to enter my body – were actually the smallest, and they were curled inside and content. I asked Roger to just sit with the eggs, its not like they were going anywhere, and they would make a feast for him. He agreed while they would, he was much happier around my spine.

I prayed for some advice. The direction I was given was, you asked how to get rid of these guys. Pop off their body, and flush it out. So I started with the medium ones – which seemed to indicate to me that the first two treatments – judging by the size and locations, were a smaller dose of this drug than the third and fourth, but I’d have to remember to check with my doctor about this, and its not really relevent anymore.

Well, I went in and popped the tail off one of these guys, and picked up the head and the tail and flushed them in my proverbial toilet, I’m not sure my colon was happy about this, but it worked out pretty well in this dream of being a toilet.

Roger didn’t seem to care about my killing off his parents, but he also didn’t seem to want to move off the hurting spot. so he was next to go. Then I decided it was time for the Mc’D’s in my gut to go, and I can’t tell you how much more comfy my tummy was when I basically took my good bacteria, rallied them up and we basically blew up that place. we picked up all the rubble and they let me know that the rubble would serve as food for some of the residents, so they would take care of the clean up.

I went on to the rest of these little guys and I found I was quite enjoying popping off tails and picking them up and flushing them. I worked thru the entire rest of my body and cleared them out. Woke up this morning, and my colon let me know it was time for the follow up flush.

Now I know that this was just a dream, but man I woke up feeling alot better. Now just muscular Sciatic issues, which I know how to deal with…. gut feels better, back feels better.

No five years for me boy, Roger had to go. Roger, wilco and out.

Can you paint with all the colors of the wind

Lyric from one of my favorite Pocahantas songs. Today a sad thing happened.

In the radical remission workshop, there were a couple of folks I hit it off with – one of them was a lady named Bunny. During one of the early activities, she mentioned how she really loved the colors that a few of the people used, and how she didn’t have them to color up her sheet. She shared from her breakout session how “fun” was one of the things that was missing in her chart.

This was a call to action to me, as a person that finds fun in everything – all the time – how can we make xyz frustrating chore fun – lets do it. Fun is king. Happiness and fun – hand in hand in a perpetual dance of love and joy. I posted on the RR forum – LETS GET BUNNY SOME COLORED PENCILS STAT!! to get her attention, I got communicating with her, and immediately got some pencils and a coloring book sent off to her.

She was stunned by my gift, didn’t know how to react, but she was so grateful. We started talking nearly every day. Just quick notes, sharing our enjoyment from the sessions, and she sharing her excitement over these gifts. Once they got there she shared pictures that she did with me. She was truly enjoying them – and I was just super happy I got to be a part of this enjoyment.

She had such a happy spirit, at the end of the RR workshop sessions, they would do dance party sessions with empowering feel good music, and she would always be dancing – from a bed where she was stuck – and she would hold up her most recently colored photo to share, so I could see how much joy my gift had brought her.

I felt last night, what has been called in other worlds “a disturbance in the force” – really its just I told P I felt “off” – couldn’t place it – I’ve been overly tired so I just went to bed early. I had weird dreams – but that seems to be the norm for me lately.

Got up after many many hours of sleep, was doing my morning things, checked my mail. There was an email from C – Bunny’s wife. She communicated to let me know Bunny had passed away in the night. She wanted to express to me how much the “colors” had meant to Bunny – how in her last weeks she had used them every day, and enjoyed happily the brightness and possibilities they brought to her life. I know its important to receive, and I know this is the universe letting me receive this – to receive the goodness that my actions – my giving generated for someone else.

I wasn’t super close to Bunny – she was just a kindred spirit on a journey that had some parallels to mine. When I first told her I had gotten the colors, she was not good at receiving, she had written back with a slightly snarky reply. I laughed at this, and basically just chose to ignore it, and just smother her with kindness. We all need friends to get by with…. Her condition is not mine. Her situation is not mine. Her passing is not an overly sad thing, she was in alot of discomfort, and now she is at rest.

Sail well Bunny. Hope to the colorful universal places that a rabbit should enjoy filled with Joy and colors. The cool part about being dead, or so I’ve heard, is that you get to fart colors. So this is something I know she will enjoy. Its like the carebear stare coming out of everywhere imaginable. May your journey to Valhalla pass quickly and with all the joy that life brought to you.

This is a personal opportunity for me to grieve and allow the grief I have stored in many of my cells to release and evolve from my body. Grief is a part of life, and allowing these to pass out of me is a hopeful thing. I’m sad to lose my friend Bunny. I’m grateful for the opportunity to grieve her, and consider my lose, and the past losses I have failed to embrace and release. Thank you Universe for allowing me to meet her, allowing me to hold her so close to my heart, and allowing me to learn how to grieve. She was an incredible spirit, and her passing is teaching me how to embrace and release. Thank you for my grief, may it help me become stronger, and live a brighter lighter existance.

Off roading of life

Had a far out dream last night – this is a little odd for me to be saying because I have ALOT of far out dreams but this one – kinda took the cake. I was riding a motorcycle/dirt bike thing. I don’t honestly know if it was more of a motorcycle or more of a dirt bike. I have ridden on both before, but I haven’t ever driven them. I didn’t know this was something my mind had contemplated about, but apparently it had…

I was riding trying to find R – was a little odd, because I was in a place, like a city I haven’t really – well I don’t recall being in it. There were these shopping center places, and there were these patches of grass, and I was kinda off roading, and then at another moment I was driving on the freeway.

Due to conditions, I haven’t really driven in close to two years at this point, so its a little odd to begin with, but the stress of merging on the highway – well it was super realistic, and there was another “motorcycle or dirtbike driver that was kinda cutting me off between a truck” – so it was a little stressful even in the dream.

There was this bridge, I didn’t drive over, sorta like the one in Georgetown. Then the offroading part was like kinda driving thru the grassy dirt patch, and I was kinda having to struggle to hold the bike vertical, it kept leaning different sides, it also didn’t want to keep moving, it was getting stuck in the ground.

The feeling was pretty realistic, then I realized that I must have passed where R was walking, so I turned around to head back. Apparently we had been at some shopping center thing, with this movie theatre, and he had been walking to X destination, and I got on the bike to catch up to him – as I had been delayed at the theatre.

The theatre was pretty sweet, it was sorta like the paramount, except it was a movie theatre, old school style.

Overall the experience sorta made me wonder why I haven’t ever tried to drive a motorcycle. Its not exactly that I’ve ever wanted to drive one exactly just sorta that I’ve been curious – curious kitten always.

Dreams are such an interesting thing – always telling you things you didn’t expect, and showing you things that are in a perspective very different from what you expect.

I slept super long today – having gone to bed early one could say I slept longer than I was awake. I’m coming to realize that my body requires more time for rest than I’ve been allowing it. I’ve been trying to rewire the part of me that doesn’t want to allow this, with increasing success. I actually woke up after about 12 hours of sleep and wanted to sleep some more, so I took meds, and laid back down and slept another couple of hours. Its amazing to me how much better I feel after long sleeps verses short sleeps. Just getting my brain and head to wrap around the concept that sleep is a happy thing.

One of the more amusing things is that Starbuck “decides” when it’s time for me to get up. He will go lay outside of the door, and either breath heavily like long pent up sighs, or he will lightly scratch the door and then lay back down wait a few minutes and repeat. He gets so excited when I finally get up like “thanks human I have been waiting forever for this” Although, truthfully he does enjoy going to bed earlier, and he enjoys when I sleep too. P said last night he curled up on the pillow next to my head, I was too asleep to tell confirm, although doesn’t surprise me, he is always checking up on me to make sure I’m okay and resting well.

Here is to more long sleeps and good rests going forward.

I fell for the hype.

So we have been shopping with delivery. I’ve been craving a sweet treat that was an instant “tasty” thing. HEB had these frozen things, “No sugar added” it said – Strawberry Frozen fruit bars….. No ingredient list – I should have googled, but I didn’t… Mia Culpa – I get them in our delivery today – so fast… and the ingredient list is a mess – sure it has “no sugar” in the classic sense of the word “sugar” – but it has 4 types of sugar that are almost as bad as high fructose.

” Ingredients:

Water, Strawberries, Sorbitol, Concentrated Grape and Strawberry Juice Concentrate, Less than 2% of Glycerin, Maltodextrin, Polydextrose, Natural Flavor, Guar Gum, Locust Bean Gum, Dextrose, Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid and Potassium Sorbate (Preservatives), Artificial Color (Red 40), Sucralose.”

4 types of easily recognized/identified “not technically sugar, but higher glycemic than sugar” – poisons that I could chose to put in my body. Mostly I’m left feeling very sad at myself for failing to assume that they were lying with their “no sugar added” – sad sad times.

There is a song from top gun “I need a hero” – which is my alternative way of saying “is no one able to be honest in marketing anymore?” Maybe they weren’t ever- please let’s call sugar all of the names that it is…. These are actually far far worse than sugar as they actually all have a higher glycemic level than “real honest to goodness sugar” has – but really – frozen strawberries – why do they need sugar at all? they are pretty sweet to begin with, and I see that you have added juice to them already – so they should be very very sweet even without all these poisons. One may never know.

A friend reminded me the other day, that all of the chemo drugs – all of them are carcinogenic. This is something I’ve already known for a long time, even before original diagnosis. Its kinda confusing to me why to fight something we have to put in the very things that if we had not had in our lives to begin with may have not caused this problem.

Where does the line between reality and fiction rest? Maybe there isn’t a line, and we are all just living in fiction anyway.

I’ve been devoting little times to my project, and its slow but it is definitely coming along. Each time it feels a little bit like progress, and while it still has far to go, I do feel like this work is satisfying. Like it’s bringing me to a better place that will produce a happier result. Its a little project – I decided to clean out my bathroom closet, which had sorta become a catch all for so so many things. Its not like a normal linen closet, its sorta like – well to be honest its the same size as my pantry which is not really a pantry at all, but rather a closet that is big and small at the same time. I think normal guest rooms have a closet about this size, but in this home they are the pantry and my bathroom closet.

This bathroom closet has always been somewhat of a catch all, like many places in my home. I’ve been working through them in the time I’ve been having at home, baby steps – Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. Some areas are more bang for the buck, but this one is one that it was time for— we had a water leak a few years back, and we didn’t notice till a month or so ago, that the carpet in this closet had molded. Phil took care of the mold, and I noticed that the entire closet sorta needed a clean/clear effort. I finally started working on it – but there is so so much in this closet. Small steps will get me to the prize.

We walked up to the mailbox yesterday – P thought there was a package, because apparently the USPS sends him notifications when one arrives. The walk was super nice, we took Starbuck, and he was so confused. I haven’t actually walked him in years – walking with the “C word” has – well its enough of a challenge taking care of myself – taking Starbuck is a challenge of a different type, one of which I have not been prepared for and opted to save for another time. This time, with P we took him, and he was so so confused. He did enjoy it though – this was the second time in a week or so we have done this. The best part about it was the moment P realized the package had actually been delivered to the door – as it was too big for the little lockers are the mailbox. – This was after we picked up the mail and there was no key there. The walk was incredible, and I’m glad we got to do it.

Have some upcoming birthdays that I’m contemplating. P has taken care of one of them, for which I’m pretty happy – with the conditions of our world, plans take a little more time to ensure you get what your after. I wonder if this will improve or worsen as time progresses. I guess speculating probably a little of both. He was able to get more TP – something we have had on subscribe and safe for years now, but we have run thru our stock, and he has ensured we have enough to keep our bung holes satisfied for another X factor of time.

I’m very glad for P in my life, sometimes he can be so so confusing, but other times he is the ray of light that brightens my world. I guess the compromise of marriage is like that… the Tao of marriage.

While Im still a little sad we didn’t get to take the vacation to Oregon, I’m hopeful that maybe some of my family will figure out and plan a family reunion trip there, so that I can just be lazy and attend instead of having to pick up the mantle and carry the flag. Of course, it probably wont be until next year this time anyway, because conditions have to evolve in a way that makes it realistic.

I’ve been keeping journals with a few of my family, and I’ve been debating adding a few more – it’s not that I feel I can single handedly keep the USPS alive, its more that there is something I just enjoy about putting pen to paper, as much as keyboard to screen. I like writing. And doing more of it makes me feel alive, and remind me one of my purposes, to share my experiences thru words.

Toto, we aren’t in kansas anymore….

Want to work thru some epiphany things I had based upon a dream last night. There are several parts to this to get to the goal.

Part one. As a child I read this book series – I don’t recall the author, or enough of the content to find the author was thinking it was Ursula Le Guin, or Madeleine L’Engle – but I don’t honestly recall. The book was about one of her children getting very ill. She explained a concept, that was somewhat the basis for the book – and somehow was a fundamental thing that I grabbed onto for my life.

The concept was that we, our universe, our planet, our countries, towns, houses, lives – we are all a single cell in a giant organism. Much the way that our cells, are infinite universes, with their own star systems, planets, and some of them thriving with life, and some of them being killed off by the entities – our entities that live there.

Somehow this concept resonated with my young self – and it showed me – my young self how to individually heal or in a cluster heal broken or damaged cells. I’ve used this tool the entirety of my life, its very leverageable for other people. It does, however, require a massive amount of multi tasking – one has to be able to accept the reality where this is possible, and then one has to be able to hold the concepts of both the macro and the micro in the head at the same time while simultaneously dissecting the problem of the broken or damaged cell or where the issue lies, and then – in the path of god in our lives – cause the change. Its alot to simultaneously hold these concepts in ones mind while utilizing energy to produce the desired result.

In the course of my life, I have learned many many other highly effective healing techniques. This one will always be the first that I learned, followed very quickly with the tactic of laying of hands, or the power of group energy to heal. I have used all of these techniques over my life.

At this point in my life, balancing multiple things is not only difficult its detrimental to me, and the realization a few weeks ago was that I was feeling something strongly about this negative. I was feeling very much sad about being unable to manage multiple things, and my therapist called it “depressed” and while I saw the truth in what she said I could not fathom why I would be depressed about this – I understand now. Losing the ability – well I didn’t lose it, just its not practical to utilize it at this time, my first healing talent – it hurts. I am depressed about this. It’s not a “OMG THE WORLD HAS ENDED depression” but it is certainly a depression that I am working thru from the perspective that its gracefully giving up the things of youth for a more enlightened path.

Thoughts to ponder. Now on to the next thing to ponder.

Science is documenting/proving that our cells – the DNA that makes up the uniqueness of “who” we believe we are – is less than 10% of our bodies. Less than 10% of the “person” who we are at any given moment is unique DNA for “me” – that means effectively, we are a minority in our bodies. We/I – am a minority within my own body. The parts that truly represent “who I am” are not the overriding presence. Now – this is an unusual situation to embrace – given that I’m a white woman, living in Texas where women are more prevalent than men, and where white individuals are also more prevalent than other races.

I have spent the good portion of my life analysis predjudices, and what causes perfectly rational individuals to judge other perfectly rational individuals by some semblence of characteristics that they have no control over, that were part of their cosmic design from the beginning. It has always seemed foreign to me – but I’ve had to embrace some of the insights from social media lately that pretty much every one is predjudice.

I have always attempted to rise above my – whatever they are prejudices, and to actively seek to embrace and surround myself with opportunities to be in the minority and to learn from these experiences, and to seek the things that make cultures, peoples unique, to ensure I am able to provide some semblance of the comforts of home to those that are not in their normal circumstances. To boldly go where I have not gone before.

This concept that I am a minority is quite curious, and the concept that I am in some cases – in discomfort that I am potentially being persecuted by my body, by my choices – is also intriguing. It is also applicable from the perspective that “the C word” is a minority of the sect of my body that is Me. So many spiderweb thoughts of this, but I need to let the thoughts coalesce a bit to make sure they are true feeling for my life.

In anycase. Happy monday that is really Tuesday, and the beginning of a short week. May you be Safe. May you be Healthy, May you above all be Happy.

A blank page

Is like a dark morning where the sun has refused to get up, and lingers behind its pillow top clouds dancing with the rain and threatening to hide for the day in protest of the dawn.

Words are my friends. They have always found their way, quite too vigilantly out of my head and mouth. I’m learning to put on some reigns and recognizing that my cells believe the words I allow to populate my mind palace and my mouth. Choosing and being more selective with these words, well its a little challenging. I’ve always just been picking and choosing from the alphabet soup – like a swarm of insects, that is available to me.

Now I am actively working to temper these thoughts, these words, and to propagate them with the ones I want to be sailing the ship. Its more than just gratitudes, blessings, and relaxing mantras of belief. Its more like, setting pathways, and deciding like the gambler said in that song – bless you Kenny Rogers – know when to hold, know when to fold, when to walk and when to run —-

Today is usually the day I go for iv steroid – twice a week, typically on Monday. I have been “thinking” that its time to reduce this – however, thats not what intuition is telling me – another of those detaunts between thought and intuition. I woke today and thought “Hey I feel fine, see see, this means we don’t need it” about 2 hours later, it was clear that my body had been expecting it, and was just not amused that today was a holiday.

Promise I made to P – when I felt that physically my body needed it, I would stop trying to temper it and I would just take it. So I did, and magically I felt better – go figure, physically my body needs this stuff, somehow its doing more things for me than I understand, and while my mind keeps saying “no no, we don’t need this anymore, we are stronger, we can do without it, stop cold turkey” – my body just laughs and says, go take a nap cause mind, you are clearly wack.

Its a hard thing for me, to let myself take the medications I need to be taking right now, and not obsess about them. When intuition tells me to stop – thats easy, it pulls different ropes inside of me, that are not relative to mind things at all, and it makes the correct pathway super easy. I know its not intuition telling me to back this stuff off – it has let me know that it will be time to back things off “soon” – which when Intuition says soon its like when parents or teachers said that to you as a child when you asked in September when Christmas was … “its soon” they would say – and you scratched your head and contemplated “soon”

Tired is another one of those things – the comparison – well I feel like I have been this tired before in my life – when I was a wee wee one – but it was so so long ago I just don’t remember it. My mum has pictures of me falling asleep in the ketchup or other condiment, because when I was tired, I just fell asleep wherever I was, and no regard for what that meant for anything else around me. I don’t remember that feeling or time in my life – but this Tired, it does feel familiar, like an old shoe that fits just right. I know that resting during this tired, somehow – when you wake is the most amazing feeling – its like the sun has returned, the life force is renewed and all is right with the world.

Was realizing as I sat and meditated this morning, that I am spending so much time just relaxing and contemplating life, and all the amazing things I have in mine. The blessings, gratitudes, and thankful things. The healthy people I have in my life, the diverse weather, keeping us all on our feet as to what it will be., the safe home, with temperatures to protect me from too cold or too warm. The beautiful foliage outside, growing plants and trees to provide me with beautiful flowers and vistas, and the back yard recently trimmed that affords the opportunity to watch Starbuck run – so carefree and happy thru the yard exploring his domain and sniffing and investigating all along the way.

There is a project in the house I’m working on – can’t do it fast, its a slow bit by bit project, but I did work on it some today, and it feels so good to have it started.

Made Chai today, and the whole house smells magnificent, all perked up with fresh ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, clove & black pepper. Its just finishing now, just in enough time for me to enjoy a cup before I sit back and relax into more peaceful thoughts of how nice it feels to be able to stretch and move, and enjoy this amazing memorial day.

it being Memorial day always reminds me of talking to my grandfather about his time in the service, and what this day meant to him. He always had poignant comments to share about anything I chose to ask him. Very rarely did he go out of his way to try and assume I was there to be educated if I didn’t ask, he was a quiet man, a humble man, and a wise man. I loved him, and this holiday always was one we talked more than most – well that and the beginning of football season, when I always endeavored to try and understand the game that he was so engrossed with that just wasn’t my bag.

May we all enjoy a peaceful, safe, healthy and above all happy Memorial day.

The illusion that is time

I recall the first time I realized that time is an illusion. That its one of those constructs that we invent to give us confines. To try and put energy into a box. The things before, the things to come – we create structure and rules around energy. Time is one of those. It has its own set of “things” –

Recently I was reminded of last year, when we went to the keys. What an incredible trip, and the reminder served to make me realize that alot of “time” has passed since that trip. Many breathes.

Breath is real. In and out, lungs pumping, heart beating. These things are real, they are energy confined in our bodies. Time however so imaginary. Sometimes you can have many breaths in a minute, sometimes very few. Depends upon how the energy flows, how breath flows. What a silly construct this time…. trying to get us to live our lives spend our energy by its confines. We are living souls, with a pulse, a heartbeat, these things represent the truth. Time is just an arbitrary construct. You can watch the hands go forward, you can watch the hands go backwards, you can watch the hands stand still. Take breaths, count in breaths., you will surely see the reality of the difference.

The keys was an amazing trip. Sharing it with family was amazing. I was not as well then as I am now. Its easy to forget with my current struggles, how far I have come towards healing. Its easy to whine about the things I DO NOT have instead of rejoicing in the things I do. Memories of these times, which were so precious, are so precious to me. The memories, reflections of the balance, both the good and the bad of them. The place I am at now, is harder but its also better. When many heart beats have passed, and when many breathes have passed, and when we all consensus on “next year this time” and I look back at this time, I’m certain I won’t remember these struggles. Thats why its good to document them here, so that I can experience the blessings all over again.

I am so grateful for life. For the people in my life that teach me, hold me, help me, elevate me, reality check me, and in general chose to be in my life. Its a choice, we chose whose energy we want to engage with, who we want to keep close, to amplify, to mingle in, to play and dance with, its my pleasure to express my gratitude for all of the souls whose energy dances with mine. Thank you, you are loved, you are adored, and above all you are heartfelt and I am grateful.

We walked to the mailbox yesterday. It was a push for me, I was exhausted when we got home. But it felt so so good to have done it. Not to mention to have gotten the mail, so two check marks on the proverbial “to do” list. Later I did a little rebounding, trying to keep P on his toes and challenged for doing it – its a game we don’t talk about, but he has been rebounding, which inspires me, and I have been doing it, which inspires him. I did a little yesterday, and it was a little much after the walk, I went to bed early because I was so so tired. It was a good tired. I slept really well.

Today I kept it up, I added a little more time to my rebounding, and the movement, as usual, helps. It hurts a little in the moment, but my body thrives, my energy dances from the exertion. Bodies were made for movement, it makes the cells happy. Happy Cells Heal faster, live longer and work better.

I am so happy to have this place where I can stream my consciousness, and just share the random things that have crossed my mind. Today, I learned that squirrels are basically superheroes from this Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFZFjoX2cGg – it was great, an adorable method of utilizing skills to showcase the power of squirrels, one set of ingenuity working towards another.

Got to do a video call with family today, and we just hung out and talked, and somehow it just felt fun. We laughed, we shared silly things, and silly knowledge, and basically just digitally spent a few moments in each others lives. Calling this time social isolation is really very incorrect, its more about Physical Isolation – which hormonally is actually kinda bad – hugs have been proven to promote feel good hormones and overall health – so Physical isolation is kinda a method of making people sick…. Interesting food for thought in this social experimentation time we are living in… Just have to elevate the energy, so that it overcomes the physical by helping remind people we are energy beings that are just temporarily in physical bodies anyway.

Time to go do house things, enjoying a lazy sunday afternoon.

and now for my next trick…

Was throwing together some dinner, and I did this – I don’t know how I did it and I’m certain I could not replicate it if someone paid me. Was using a butter knife to slice a piece of Ezekiel bread that I had toasted and buttered, and the knife slipped, and flipped over my knuckle to fall on the floor. The size of the bruise is impressive. It’s one of those things where I go “wow I’m just glad it didn’t break anything or even break the skin.” P was watching from across the room and he was like, what was that? He could not believe I was not more hurt. Crazy things.

Today has been interesting, what I thought it was going to look like, is not at all what it looked like.

My uncles birthday is today – last year we were in Key West for his birthday – crazy that its been a whole year already. Just shows how my strength has not failed me. He shared a picture with me, just a crazy crazy thing.

I’ve kept some icepacks in my freezer for just these times. Yeah team!

Had a meeting earlier with one of the inspiring people from my workshop. It was supposed to be a 20 minute consult, we are both very verbose, so it ended up being closer to an hour and twenty. We had our time wires crossed a bit, she was expecting me to call about an hour before I was expecting to call, and I had gotten into the middle of things. She shared some of her inspirations and we talked back and forth about things that might help me, and her suggestions. It was a great talk.

I just love my meditation room. It works so great for so so many things. We are going to have another room like this, P has started dubbing it the museum room, I’m not sure thats precisely what it will be, but the vision we have seems to be together and somewhat on point, it will be a room where we can display many of his collectibles finally and allow him to feel they have space.

P and I were talking earlier, one of the places I’d like to visit next year, when I’m a little more recovered – well it came to me today, thanks Microsoft for sharing incredible pictures and making me learn about new places. This one was off the coast of the Netherlands. It was somewhat amusing to me when I started looking into it – P always says he isn’t a fan of travel because its just too much of a hassle, and I had to laugh because this place – really seems like kinda a hassle. The closest airport to this location is 62 miles away, and this place is on an island, that requires a ferry to get to…. so far away airport, and then somehow to get to the island, and then at the end of the trip back to the airport. The close airport is, well it is a small commuter airport, with flights to other airports close to the netherlands only. So it would effectively likely take 4-5 flights to even get to this airport. I’ve traveled some, but I have to ponder how much this place would be for me or not. Maybe I’ll just enjoy the pictures. I mean I know that Bali – the trip I really want to take will likely also be a hassle to travel to – but I’ve looked at that trip before and its more like 3ish flights to get there, and then transport to wherever we end up staying. Long story short, I’m itching for travel again – I think its the perspective of meeting new culture.

On a plus side, P has agreed to another trip to India! He has friends he would like to go visit – as do I – also I’d like to make more time for the amazing temples there. His agreeing means it will be a much more fun trip for me.

D has discussed some European places with me – but its also possible she might be down for Bali.

I’m also debating/planning the trip to SF with C and my buddy I – I want to walk across the Red bridge. I’ve crossed it 7 or 9 times but something about seeing the bridge has inspired me for that 3 mile walk. So best start working on strength.

We walked up to the mailbox today, its not my whole loop yet, but its a good start. Man was it tiring. My body feels like its gone on some long holiday and is not quite back yet. While I feel like I’m winning, its hard sometimes to not feel sad at my lost strength – good thing I have my tenacity to take up the gaps ๐Ÿ™‚

I did some time on my rebounder today – I have to say this is one of the most fun exercise things, and so helpful with getting the blood flowing. Something about bouncing reminds me I’m a tigger – and THIS is what tiggers do best – bounce. I’ve gotten P to do this too, and the stagnant Lymph in his legs is so so much better.

Our relationship is so much better, and we are finally tackling some areas in our house that have needed it for X amount of time, that is way too long. X factors are strong with the two of us…. We are starting to clear them – Y? because we are getting to Z ๐Ÿ™‚

In the latest saga of health things – my potassium has been going up and down like a Yoyo – it was 4.3 for a week, then dropped to 2.6 and now back up to 3.6 – who knows where the new number will be this week – with the holiday the check won’t be till Tuesday. Have not isolated the cause, but I have strong suspicions.

I have been truly blessed with so many prayers, and positive thoughts. It makes the days go so much easier, and helps me with all the little aches and body things. This is one of those times when I’m praying for prayers. I’m fighting, but there is no back up army waiting in the wings to pick up the slack, I have to keep pressing forward and hope for the best result.

I have found, that my cells really enjoy when I sing, the song doesn’t have to be to them, it can be just a happy song or a song that improves my mood all the way around. Its one of the only consistent things, other than medicating that I have found that kicks me out of Sympathetic aka Fight or flight mode. Something about Singing turns my cells into “we are safe, we are okay” mode and lets me relax. Medication is nice, but singing is also great.

We have had a couple incidents with Starbuck – he is super protective of me lately, and he has growled a couple times at P when he has moved to help me with things. Not sure how we adjust this behavior at this point, but we are working on it.

Was so nice to be able to get back to some of my treatments that help with Symptoms. I know it will take a couple of times to help me clear more of these woozy symptoms. Got to do Acupuncture, Chiro and massage. So many good feeling things, and I’m feeling a little better – have one more week to get stronger before next treatment. Intuition is telling me that it maybe time to stop the Hormone suppression medication (Luperone) while I feel it is helping, I also feel its reaching the point where the risk vs reward is not on the reward side. Trying to pray alot on this, to determine if we do one more of if we just put it on hold for now. The side effects it has been giving me this time are really pretty debilitating and slowing me down from moving. I am apparently one of the super rare people that gets pelvic pain from this medicine.

All in all, what I’m doing is working, I feel that the cancer is diminishing, and leaving my body – however I feel that things that make it harder for me to work the lymph system and the kidney system – aka pelvic pain – are probably not in my best interest. We shall see, more prayer and medication for clarity on this one.

Its funny feeling like an outlaw from the wild west wearing these masks everywhere. I somewhat giggle every time I put it on. I know its a safe thing, for me and for everyone else, but I still keep looking for my outlaw name. I mean P has the Dread Pirate Phillip – its what they call him at Starbucks, maybe I’ll be Lahnie of the Lakes – or some other appropriate banter name for my masked self.

Wishing Safety, Health and above all Happiness to all my friends, family and cohorts in this special time we call the Spanish Inquisition of 2020. Its still a decade of gratitude, so I’ll share my gratitude for isolation – its a good time to get all those artistic endeavors started, enjoyed and finished. A good time to learn new hobbies, or skills, or to just learn to enjoy oneself more. I’m grateful for these new experiences, and the information they have afforded. Even if my brain is like Dory – and I just keep swimming, just keep swimming. Apparently I took a movie off P’s list, but added another – he has not seen Moulin Rouge – so now we have Casablanca and Moulin Rouge to watch. Go figure, I’m certain there will be more as we discuss some of my favorites.

Good Night Jonboy.

surreal pictures that make me laugh.

So there is a part in the little engine that could – where the engine is working up this hill with the mantra “I think I can I think I can” — and then there is a part in alot of the fast and furious movies, with the engines reviving – and also happy days from way way back – where the multiple engines are going – and I hear that sound of the little engine – much like the Poop from south park going “Hiddey ho” – I think the poop is the same voice as the little engine or atleast it is in my head – that voice “I think I can” with all those reviving engines knowing they can – I’m like a combo of that voice, and those engines – its a race against myself – we are winning. We are going to win – its just there are alot of little battles along this path.

There is something ironic about my believing that the “Hiddey Ho” voice and the little engine that could “go” are the same – with the overall constipation I’m feeling – Come on team! Lets go, lets go!

I digress. Had my first massage since the incubation days in home exile. Also had my first Acupuncture treatment. Both were wonderful. Helpful for so many of the little things – little symptoms that have been bringing me down. 80’s song reference here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4c_SkROzzo -Aint nothing gonna break my stride.

Water the spice of life – it always makes me think of Dune – Arakis water planet. In past moments in my life circa de cancer – I would remember, anytime one of these minor little “tifts” would show up in my body – that it was a signal for “hey drink more water” – I don’t know why this has shifted, now more than ever I NEED more water. The little “tifts” are the same – weird pain here, weird headache or pressure there, weird crap here — all “drink more water” make the thing go poof. But now, they all trigger my mind to worry – rather than saying “Hey go drink more water Charlie Brown” – by the way, thats my grandfather channeling in – which he was never a good water drinker which is what kinda makes it pretty amusing to me for him to be telling me “go drink more water” but his favorite flowers, Marigolds – they are – well I think this flower would honestly enjoy having one of those perpetual drips on it for water – I know I feed it a gallon of water a day plus the rain its been getting and it is just LOVING it. So lesson assimilated – atleast for the moment – until I next – soon – channel dory and “just keep swimming” – Drink more water.

I got P to watch Finding Nemo – and he had so so many aha moments about my using Dory as my champion for these days. All the times that I have said “just keep swimming” or – sorry honey, I’m dory today – now they make sense. Thank you universe for allowing me to get him on board with watching this – it only took 1.5 hour foot massage – something I enjoy doing anyway.

Overall life is great. I am feeling better, just still so weak. I know this will get better. Each morning I wake from a sound long sleep feeling just a little more like I have some umpf to take into the day. It is definately a fight right now, There is a mantra that Deepak Chopra Quote: โ€œEveryย decisionย Iย make is a choice between a grievance and a miracle.โ€ I feel many times each day that this is the place where I am. I had accepted this mantra years ago, and the truth of it is setting me free right now. Ever one of these moments of being less strong, less endurance, restful, is a choice to enjoy the miracle of of my being alive.

I got to see the sunset the other day, and the sunrise too. I can’t go out and hug them yet from a distance without covering my head – still have to keep it covered from the last radiation. But soon I will be able to embrace the sun from the distance for these wonderful blessings it provides of beauty, warmth, comfort, constance, and happiness. I am so grateful for its love and the love of all the people and places it touches.

I am transliterating someone else’s work in this paragraph – mostly because I do not know the name of the source, and P is working. He reads Stories online – and he told me one of the ones he has been enjoying. It starts with the main character dying and going to heaven. Where he encounters Dog. The character says “Dog? Really” – and Dog answers him and says, of course Dog – why do you think I sent all my angels down to earth to comfort, soothe, protect, and provide you with my unconditional love. — This made me cry, thinking of all the dogs/angels I have had in my life – and the current love I get from my current angel Starbuck. For me it’s totally believable that dogs are angels. While it hasn’t been a part of my belief system – it doesn’t seem to conflict or work contradictory to the things I believe so my angel pup is just the one I have for now.

Looking forward to spending time with peeps for the long weekend. Looking forward to enjoying the time together. So blessed for the many treasures in my life right now.

We got to do some mini projects for P the last few days, and while they were in tiny bitsized time/effort things, the results are huge. The house just feels so much more – nicer – he feels it too, and I’m hopeful to keep on taking these projects down in small bits.

Just want to share the love I feel for all the bright people, angels, and generally hopeful optimistic spirits in my life. Thank you, your heart, prayers, love and positive thoughts are a blessing I appreciate. Thank you for filling my soul and helping rejuvenate my body. I’m a work in progress, keep believing, I am.