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So this post was originally going to be labeled “poppies will make the sleep” because I’m just super tired as i write this…. and the quote from the wizard of oz where Dorthey and her companies are traipsing thru the field of poppies popped into my head and it sounded pretty good to fall asleep right now from a field of flowers.

In my searching for link or reference information for that quote, I happened across the original meaning of poppies. They were a semblance of remembrance – because they grew across the graves of the soldiers in world war one. This is something I didn’t know, and the relative pieces of information for it were equally interesting.

So poppies take a new meaning, and my tired ness must find a new outlet.

There is alot to do today. I’m tired but not sleepy – the banes of medicine to help elevate symptoms is it grants you boons of other things – like wake up – or in musical terms: Chop Suey— a song that has always represented waking up because it helps to wake up.

Treatment and second shot seemed to go well yesterday, but its kinda hard to tell with the steroid covering up symptoms.

Today, its crazy weather again – we had frozen ice all day yesterday, and the roads will be covered with it today and probably the rest of the majority of next week. Very unsafe driving conditions.

A friend is having surgery today – its a “light” thing – if there is such a thing as light surgery. Still worried a little about her – she has a new kiddo – he is two, and does the most amazing things.

There have been alot of odd thoughts traveling thru my brain and dropping off bread crumbs – I feel they are leading me to some revelation but it is just kinda a “and then, and then, and then” moment – where I’m somewhat waiting for the big reveal. All seem to stem from my analogue of the fact that facts are all part of a giant wheel and the perspective on them depends on where you start – but from the middle of the pie they all will seem to be the same with a slightly different texture and meaning.

Opinions are one of those things that seem to be a granted right that goes along with having a soul. Sharing that opinion or the concepts that build from it – well that is a different thing. Its great to have one, it comes with the responsibility of learning when to hold and when to fold, when to walk away and when to run – as the gambler taught.

Apparently I’m feeling a little more lyric today than even usual – so here is hoping that it turns into a magical day for everyone in my life.

I am thankful and blessed for all the incredible people both close, far, touchable, and remote that give my life inspiration, meaning and above all happiness. Its great to be alive. Life holds so many mysteries and so many playgrounds to explore.

Here is to another beautiful day – today being filled with trees coated in Ice.

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