Heart Salutations of Snowflakes and dreams

I’m truly happy, at this moment in time, life place. It feels, appropriate to blog, in this state, so here we go.

Right now, I am sitting at a folding chair, on a folding table, with a “gaming” laptop, composing this blog. My feet, are pressed against the super shiny and slick cold tile – a Grey pattern that is a reflection of the sky, that lightly shines in through the half window shades I have opened. The windows, all six of them, have blackout shades, in a dark grey color. The outside, is frosted with a fresh dusting of white white winter snow. It came early in the morning, and left its frigid touch against the landscape, evergreen trees dusted with the uniqueness of individual snowflakes, leaving this so happy layer on the limbs.

Its soon for winter solstice, and the light here tells this story in a solemnity that is bitter sweet. What light there is, in these short days is bright and peaceful, tempered with bitter wind, and frost, but reflected against the snow laden ground.

There are mountains in the distance, here in Spokane, Washington, just outside of the limits of the area where I am staying, in this peaceful valley. They tell of a stronger winter presence, beckoning skiers to take their turn at the slopes, and to ride down the icy paths of adventure. They are not my destination this time, though I will admit a allure to those mountains, with the temptations of a lover wiggling a white dusted hand to call me forth. Perhaps in another life, or another time of more optimal health, I’ll taste the kiss of falling on my ass in fresh layers of puffy snow as I try my hand at skiing.

This trip is about exploring life, and what it means to be alive, and thrive. I am visiting a dear friend, who holds a piece of my heart. We went to see the cat rescue zoo here, Cat Tales It was an incredible experience to see the white tigers so close. They had an unusual mix of animals, and many photo opportunities. I couldn’t persuade S to adventure out, but his parents tagged along with me, we had quite an adventure. We went shopping for a few things after that visit. Overall, it was super enjoyable.

One of the things I enjoy about this place to visit, is that I get to dive in and explore my culinary genius. Or put in a better word, I get to explore what it might be like to be a culinary genius, if I had the skill, knowledge or training. Mostly, I just get to cook things, and enjoy exploring in a kitchen. I have found a few things that I super enjoyed cooking, from time, technique, ingredients, and overall pleasure in the eating. Its a little challenging to cook things you know in someone else’s kitchen. Its definitely a test in adaptability. Things will not always turn out how you expect. For example, I found out that the wax paper that they have is NOT oven safe, at all, can confirm. The oven here has decided to wage war on my cooking, as I learned after few struggles, that it tempts you with the correct temperature at initial pre-heat, but then creeps up to 50 degrees hotter within moments of that notification. Thats okay though, its all good fun to learn to master a new appliance. Although, my keto pizza could have turned out a little bit more crisp for the learning.

Something about the northwest of the united states calls to my heart. Every visit to this part of the country feels like coming home, at long last. Its like some weight gets lifted off my shoulders, my head, my heart. I feel alive, I feel happy. I don’t have to work to feel happy, it just happens. Like a breath, like its supposed to happen, very little effort, just happy. Thank you life.

I wish I could understand what precisely it is about this part of the world that does this to me, so I could package it up and take it back to Austin with me. I also seem to quite enjoy the cold and snow. While it has been super cold here, with a few days in the 17, I haven’t ever felt scary cold. It is possible that this is because of the fact that S has kept a roaring fire going for me down here, and that his parents have kept the heat nice and toasty, but even in the cooler upper guest room I’m in, where the floor and the air have been quite crisp, the warm electric blankets have been all I needed to stay cuddly and warm.

This will have been a two week adventure when I venture back towards the south east, and I am just wishing that these last days linger, long and draw out with so many precious moments, to carry me until the next time, I can make it back here.