The little engine that could

This is a time in society when so so many and much of us have struggles with activation energy. There are so so many reasons for this, but my little girl is just upset. She loves fruity pebbles, but its like “thats it? ” — she is frustrated.

A frustrated five year old is not the way.

P and I have been having some really good conversations. The pathways and filters his five year old uses have always been very different, but I’m finally able to see how they are parallel not perpendicular in their approach, and this has helped.

Got scans back from last week – and they were a mixed bag. Trying not to focus on the “wow what the hell is this” part and stay focused on the “that is good. Got my labs back from yesterday and its just well, its easy to get sad.

Taking some time to focus on the things that make me relax and happy. This is going to be a super busy next two years, alot of milestones. Have a new sister to share in the family.

Its the funniest thing to me how amazing this expresso tastes, how I can now make my own “dirty chai” and its just so so much better than anywhere else.

Tomorrow is the “check in” with my actual oncologist. We will see what this member of my health team has to say, already got to review the information with the other team members and its pretty interesting.

So many ups and downs – listening too all the peeps around me is just wow. Trying to stay focused on the things within my realm of focus and let everything else go.

This is why today is a make chai day, and my house smells amazing!!!

The engine is still firing, we working towards health there are just a few things that we gotta focus on to get things moving. — Sometimes you have to make a bigger mess to fix things better – this is apparently the case with Cancer – its teaching me things, and I only can learn them so fast. Its like all of life, we just keep moving the engine, an d eventually we will get to the shiny treasure!

Life is good.

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