Humidity the ups and downs

Its a tad warm today – not really warm more its humid and the temp is around the best normal range possible, but the humidity makes it feel so much more heavy in the air and this makes it feel warmer.

Its a very odd thing – I actually find myself enjoying the warmer right now. This is something new for my life – I’ve always been a cooler is better gal, but lately I’ve been finding warmer is just great.

We had a coffee chat with family today – just the gals and we gossiped – which is again not something I’m particularly accustomed to doing, but it was pretty amazing fun. Plus the coffee – hurrah coffee.

It has been a day of learning and practicing for me so far – P dealt with the fallen tree that has been leaning on the fence since right before the blizzard – he got a new toy (chainsaw) to deal with the tree – so today was the magic day. I, however, am having a fairly low energy day – so I felt the “need” to not go help him. This was hard for me – particularly since yesterday I thought to myself “it would be a good day to deal with this thing”….. but today, was the day P chose, and since he was doing it – well that is more appropriate.

The tree itself was “given” back to the side where it came from – especially considering we don’t have a fireplace to burn the wood hanging over our fence. It was a personal challenge to sit on my bum and do nothing, to say nothing and stay out of his way. To not be a distraction, to just do my own thing – knowing this was a lesson for me in taking care of me first.

That old adage “put on your oxygen mask before you help others” …. has always seemed like something I understood, but its something that until the past few months I’ve often neglected. I’m coming to recognize that there is no value in helping if you aren’t taking care of yourself.

So I’m learning, again, how to take care of myself. Lessons you don’t master will keep coming around repeating themselves until you have managed to “get them down” …. this is just confirmation for me.

We ordered a few more of my supplements again, there are just so many I’m taking on the regular it feels often like we are always ordering supplements. Its like “Hey P, can you order me some xyz…. ” … again and again – but its what happens when there are just so many that I take regularly. I’ve been body testing each of them every day – I’ve also tried a few times of “not taking them” …. just to validate that they are helpful, needed, and making me stronger/better able to heal.

There are alot of things in my life that are just so serendipitous. These things, and the folks that turned me onto them is just another example of leading me to the proper fastest course.

Its really a blessing to have these tools available. Its also a blessing to have P to help me keep them available and in stock.

The world is full of blessings, and I’m so grateful to be the steward of so many of them. May life continue to rain its joy upon my days and nights.

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