These dreams

Song stuck in my head – not really relevant but kind of I suppose like most of the other lyrics…. Heart: These dreams – so I had a anxiety dream last night – P took care of me and took me around to make sure peeps were doing okay.

Its an odd thing, but I’m pretty certain something about this vaccine has a side effect of inducing weird dreams. Not necessarily intensive to the point of waking up screaming – nor to the point of something you would look for a source – more a “hrmm that was a weird/bad dream.” type of thing. I have checked with alot of folks that have gotten this shot, and they too have experienced weird dreams – or weird wakefulness moments after the vaccine.

This could also be a product of the “times” — With so much isolation, people are waking up. Realizing their humanness is not just the skin and bones but also some of the “other things”

We like to call this Alethia Insanity things – the “anti talking outloud” type of things – or rather the things of so many paranormal movies, tv shows and books. People have talked my whole life about “those things” – well, I know some of them to be valid.

Intuition isn’t just an insanity anymore. Everybody is doing it.

It keeps things interesting, and more attached then any other medium I know.

Thank you to all the people in my life that share boundless bounties of blessings with me by just being. Thank you to the ones that go the extra step to dance and savor the possibilities with me. Thank you eternally for all the ones that shower me with love and grace to continually explore all of the realms of possibility and to feel gratitude for all things.

Was having a conversation in my dreams – sorta a weird thing where I was teaching a class about gratitude. The “students” or fellow learners weren’t unaware of the concept but they were … well the depths that gratitude contains are more vast than the entirety of the depths of the ocean or the bounds of space. Gratitude, being a mental thing, and the possibilities of the mind and emotion being limitless. It was an interesting dream, I “joined into” it at the end of the lecture I was giving, and before the “fika” – thanks sweden for teaching me this expression for taking a break and sharing a coffee with friends.

Ganesh has also graced me with infiniteness in my dreams of late – although not traditionally one of my patron deities, it is always a welcome thing to be graced by such a wonderful auspiciously telling spirit. Boundless possibilities.

So I mentioned to P that it wasn’t “really” a rental or the SUV or the camping trip I was wanting for my birthday. It was Smores. The experience of making and enjoying smores with family. This is what I want for my birthday this year. He was so excited to be able to make something more realistic occur I expect I’ll be enjoying wonderfully delicious bounty with friends and loved ones soon.

Something about smores just sings of all that is good and right with the universe – while at the same time realistically being terrible unhealthy and horrible bad for you. Balance in all things.

Life is good.

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