I get knocked down but I get up again…..

so its been a week – I fell last friday geting out of the car, tripped on my bag – it would be less bothersome if it hadn’t happened a few months back. Gotta try and not rush – and to focus.

Because of my knowledge on “how to fall” I didn’t break or tear most things – didn’t fall on my head just bruised my chest and ribs way under the skin.

After many attempts at finding things to help I’m settling for finding things to let it heal faster.

Also focusing on being kind to myself and remembering accidents happen and this could have been so so much worse.

Luckily it was at my house and mom was there to help me up. got an amazing surprise today – dad sent me some yellow roses. The house just looks more amazing.

i have found with all the bruising sleeping in my recliner actually seems not a horrible thing since its easier to get out of i just have to remember to move.

Had milestone this week – new niece turned one. P turns 51 Saturday so its a milestone weeek – next will be the same.

So much is happening over so little time. I guess it isn’t really so little time just going so fast – lightening speed. Soon we will have another year.

Life is good.

Circle in the sand

One of the songs in my teenage years that was always a comfort but also felt like it was a shadowing at the time was the Circle in the Sand song. Literally I could see the intent and meaning – but figuratively it just applies so much to me.

We rush around and circle, and it is all going to wash away anyway. But its important – the sand is important and the circle. But gosh sometimes feels like alot more work.

Its a time of the year for so so many happy milestones. Looking forward to enjoying all of them.

Somewhat have thoughts of a path to put a harness on progression things. We will see if it has as many twists and turns as I expect, but for today its motion.

Some days are better than others. I like the adage my sister turned me onto of “bones or no bones day” as a way to describe if its a day of activation energy or a day for extra time in the sheets. So much about conditions now make the extra sleep time not possible, but by gosh no bones days ae much harder out of bed lol.

Overall life is good.

Its almost the holidays!!!

This year has been incredible fast. The past few to be honest. Since life has been so fluxuating it is making the time just blink past. There are so many exciting things on the horizon. The well one pulls from for reserve energy for me is getting to the bottom. The mud is clearly indicating that there is a bottom – something I didn’t believe or think possible.

the most recent medical tests were not as favorable as I’d liked. This wasn’t unexpected news just not uplifting. They were a mixed bag at best. The largest concern is the significant new brain tumor. How we will address these things and the courses we will be persuing is still up the air at this time but there are alot of … poopy options.

When I write here its to tell myself there is always hope. There is a plan which I decide and a course we steer the boat to get to the wonderful milestones on the horizon. Sometimes its a challenge for me to remember the hope. When I skip a bit of time its just so I can remember the hope and perspective and have a negotiation with myself about how to reframe some things into my own happy place thought. Sometimes this is fast – often its fast – but sometimes life challenges make it an epic tale for the reframe and I call about the universe and my circle of happy resources to help me with this knowledge.

Coffee is good, life is good – all be it a struggle but one totally worth experiencing over and over. Looking forward to my neice first birthday in a couple weeks <3

Lots to be reminded i’m blessed about and with. Lots of happy things on the near horizon.

Life is good.