New Normal

P and I were talking this morning – he was lamenting about all the pandemic things – how they have shattered society and made things complicated. He commented “when things get back to normal”….

I expressed my opinion. This is the new normal. There is no “going back” or “getting back to normal”

This virus is extremely aggressive. Its mutating on the regular, and it has a strong wish to thrive. Not just survive, but thrive. We are the species it is using as its food.

New normal looks like what we have now. Overly abundant remote things, doing less thinking and loving more, spending time doing the things that are important, and much more focus on personal hygiene.

While I will miss many of the things from old society, I feel there is alot of value in things from new normal. People pay more attention.

There is a sense of community of helping – that is more prevalent atleast in my opinion – than previously. Innovation for “how to help and still be safe” — ingenuity. Its a thought I have had for a long time that society has been stagnant, that it kinda needed some shaking up. This new normal is just that type of innovation – while at the same time, the compassion in me wouldn’t wish for this to occur – wouldn’t wish for all the losses that we have experienced – the souls taken from life due to extreme conditions – the ones that are still on the path to ascension.

While its a struggle – its like the song says “In every revolution there is one man with a vision” — Its an opinion of mine that this is a form of revolution– its definitely a How to survive and thrive as a species moment.

As the other song says “Come together right now…” — Gratitude, recognizing the beauty, harmony and joy in the moments and the bliss of experiences.

Thank you universe for allowing me the chance to be here in this moment in time – this “new roaring 20s” – the one that my niece will hear and read about when she is older. The roar is the part that will be interesting.

Thank you for all the lions in my life.

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