Buried Treasure

So we have been clearing and eating thru things in our freezer. Its a rather exciting thing.

One thing, that has come to my attention since …. x times. My tastes have changed. Suddenly Pork tastes amazing. This is after most of my life not enjoying the taste at all. Odd the things that life is bringing me right now.

We made a pork loin in the crockpot last night – super easy with the last apple, and the last of a sauerkraut we left and man did it turn out amazing. So tasty for left overs.

In my grocery store adventures yesterday I picked up a package of super yummy slider bread – because I remembered we had a package of sliders left to be cooked/enjoyed in the freezer. These will be making their way into my belly today – super exciting.

Had a very weird call yesterday from the scheduler for my doctor. They asked if I could come in on Thursday this week. No reason given just a “can you make a ten am appt” — this is so so ominous. I really don’t have time in my life for ominous. I replied to her the sweet scheduling lady to express that I’d like to know why she wants to see me, but the anxiety damage was done, both P and I spent alot of time last night stressing about this….. and the most odd part is its probably innoxious.

I had called yesterday to schedule my next treatment, and my next appt, which they didn’t schedule yet – so I’m overall – well I should say Intuition tells me its just the doctor being OCD (takes one to know one) and that its really nothing to be concerned with – its also her trying to convince me to go to a three week schedule on the meds instead of a four week schedule – which just isn’t’ going to happen because I’ve been doing four weeks for the past year, and having pretty good success with it so far.

Talked to my dads sister last evening which is – well I’ve talked to her a few times in recent months. She was checking to see how we were doing with all the blizzard. We were discussing the vaccines. While I feel like in history there are been many many diseases, I also feel like we are sardines more in a can and littered with less intelligent peeps – the same ones that think its okay to use the bathroom and not wash their hands – so it makes for a tad more scary conditions.

It could also just be that the access of information spreads the fear and anxiety alot more prevalently – as there isn’t really a good place to “get away” from the realities of things right now.

More and more of my friends and family are just exploding with stress. Its like being all stuck in a cookie jar, sure the lid keeps us contained and safe, but we are all still cookies waiting to burst.

I tried Keffir again in my grocery store adventure, since it was one of the things that they had an overabundance of – and keeping a healthy gut biome, I’m convinced is the best tool to health that we have….. and its not as bad as I remember. This one is mango flavored – which truthfully I got in hopes that P would share with me — that didn’t happen lol – and now I’m making my way thru mango keffir – could be worse.

In talks with my therapist yesterday, and in conversations with P I’ve come to realize that the little girl inside of me is quite demanding, her “go to ” comfort thing is often nearly always something edible. So I’m working on finding ways to keep her happy, to embrace her goodness and let her know she is loved – without feeding myself all those yummy delicious things. That being said, sometimes you just gotta let go and enjoy some of the naughty things in life.

Here is to a day of healthier eating, and happier exploring. Also to a clean floor and a happy shiny bathroom.

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