Mind songs

Doing this detox thing again, did one earlier in the year and plan to do two more throughout this year, its a year of getting back to healthy for me. In the first days of this one, as most detox’s are prone to do, i felt a little miserable. This particularly detox has me setting aside my passion for coffee for the three weeks, and as I have had a loving relationship with coffee for many many years, this is always a struggle. Fear not, coffee bean, old friend, I’ll return to your steady brew soon. For the moment however, for the sake of these three weeks, I have decided to continue my ever expanding passion with another beverage, the tea leaves.

Having exhausted my stash of green tea, it was time to venture to the local haunts for some new palette pleasures. My current “go to” tea shop is a great place calledGuan Yin Tea House They have a truly amazing selection of Chinese & Taiwanese teas. Its also been a pleasure in my explorations to spend a few hours at the tea bar, sampling a few different types, and making new friends for my day to day cup. This visit was no exception, the lovely lady behind the counter sat and we explored various varieties of tea. She was even able to finally endow me with a new found love of Puer tea. It has a rich boldness to it, that has layers of depth, and the particular one we sampled has become a part of my daily routine.

I’m in one of those periods and times of flux in my life, where upside down seems to be more the natural state then any other. Perpetually I am struck by the awe inspiring moments of others, and my heart is impassioned with a calming sense of serenity for all things in harmony within the universe. This is not to say that this state of flux is always a serene place, its not. Nor is it always the most comfortable place. But as I rejuvenate my chi, and my resilience. The universe has blessed me with overwhelming opportunities to experience joy and universal compassion. To connect, in small and subtle ways with everything around me. Whether its the strangers at a few hour sitting at a tea house, or the patients waiting at one of the doctors offices, or the cashier at the grocery store, or the attendant at the parking garage. The connectedness of all things, and all energy is so crystal clear to me, its staggeringly tiring and overwhelming in frequent moments. When I am surfing in the waves of the energy, just being there in the moment, its calming and I feel like I’m home, finally at peace. My mind perpetually has to analyze, when that peace calls upon my mind, my mind starts to take in all of the details, all of the aspects, and I come crashing down and pulled under in the tidal waves.

While I am not struggling so much these days for purpose, this I have in abundance, its not uncommon for direction to be something that is quite literally out of my control. I am enjoying this ride for now, until such point as it feels I have reached the destination I am seeking, where my purpose will find harmony and blissful peace will resonate within the places my body and mind chose to reside.