The weather outside is frightful….

This is one of those times I am slightly sad that I didn’t hold out and push for the fireplace inside – that mostly would not be utilized like 90% of the time.

Yes, yes, its official – Hell has finally frozen over. Its been a week of extremely low temperatures here in Austin Texas – its been the coldest in my memory here since we moved here 20+ years ago. There is snow on the ground, in the yard and on the walks that has been there, stationary for more than 3 days. If there ever were a definition of hell freezing over, this would be the one. We have had multiple days in a row in single digits. Many of us are without power, without water – atleast our hurricane learnings/lessons are kicking in and we know what to do – and hey the pandemic had convinced us to ‘stock up’ so we are ready for you Mr Freeze, we are ready.

Texas is just not prepared for this type of temperature – we have no snow plows here in Austin – which means the inches of snow that has formed on I35 is now treacherous. That’s okay because there are those folks with 4×4 that are out blowing the stuff across the individuals manually trying to clear the ice.

And of course, there is our elected Republican senator that chose this time – one of the worst snow storms in the states history to give us the true thumbs up by flying off in the middle of this to the Bahamas.

Conditions like this make me realize how blessed I am – all be it miserable because of not being able to get additional treatments that would have helped with the side effects from chemo and vaccine. I’m almost out of the epilepsy meds I called in last Thursday to get refilled – because they “didn’t have them until Monday” and the weather has had them closed since then….. 2 more days worth, then maybe we will actually see if I need them thru necessity or not.

Things that just make me worry. Good news is I have alot of the meds to help me relax which oddly I’m willing to take like candy right now, because everything else feels…. off.

Chemo normally has me feeling off. The second vaccine would have had me feeling off….. the fact that the cedars – god bless america – the cedars have chosen this winter malady to be super aggressively high – guess they decided to “smoke em if you got em” …. the pressure system from the winter …. I’m just off. Things feel miserable – luckily – thankfully – blessedly NOT OVERLY painful. Just ridiculously uncomfortable. Like trying to wear those pants in the 80s that you KNOW were the wrong size, but you got them anyway and you tried to inch and inch them on…. and aha they were on… but OMFG you couldn’t move…. yeah we all know about THAT feeling!

Starbuck had a tick this morning? IDK how this could possible have happened. We have had the same pesticide company for many years – we took him to the groomers a couple of weeks ago…. but there it was…. also worth mentioning it was VERY dead in his fur. Go figure maybe something is working. He is quite happier at the fact that the strip next to the house he has been using is becoming more visible so there is a “place to go”. — Our little black dog, not very fond of a white covered yard.

I’ve been putting together a play list of one hit wonders – sprinkled in between to break up the mix a bit are “NON” one hit wonders to remind the list “Music goes on”….. and kinda to thank these folks for their contribution to my mind, heart, and soul for their one hit charm. I’ve asked friends for contributions, and gotten a few interesting adds….. Its coming along quite well so far – more one hits then I’d realized, and so so many that haven’t come up in my mind cabinets yet….. don’t you worry songs, I’ll catch you and won’t let you slip away.

I am blessed to have family that love me, I am blessed to have unusual things to make me ponder how great life is…. I’m blessed, that the universe heard my words of “Id like to live somewhere where it snows”…. and balanced them in humor into “Oh yeah really? Well try this one on for size…. ” The universe has a human all its own. Gotta just ride the waves of the insanity.

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