so I have left this page as a “more content later” page for – well years, and I feel its probably time to put something else here, but I’m a little torn about what to put….. 

First, I guess I will explain that the page title, blog title, is somewhat a good description of me…. A Restless Glacier. I have many elements of my mind, heart, spirit that are solid, sound, and control a massive amount of things in a macro cosmic sense. This isn’t exactly a vanity thing, just to say, multi-tasking is my life, but I can be slow for directional changes or visible progress. That being said, I’m equally restless. I like Motion, I have a difficult time sitting still, finding a moment of solace that I can relish or take inside, I enjoy motion. Its somewhat a good description of the enigma that is me. 

I started this blog, after using my husbands blog for sometime, and enjoying blogging about my health journey at Fitness Ridge (Aka formerly named Fitness Ridge, but also Biggest Loser camp – it goes by a different name these days, but the concept is still the same – its a place people can go to get inundated and learn to love fitness. – I did. They showed me thru sheer brute force that there are “some health type actions that make me happy – even me” 

When I got back from the camp, and found I still wanted to blog, I convinced the tech guy to set me up with this blog – and it was born. 

There is a brief period where life thru me thru a ringer and I felt the need to avoid blogging. That time is over. I am a tad remorseful that I let my ego keep me away from blogging, but its ancient history what can you do. 

Information about me is available by reading the blog – if you want to know more, comment on the blog – I read them. 

I think that’s enough about for now….. 

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