Things I learned from Disney…

There was a song/ride at Epcot – one of my favorite theme parks in Disney World – “Imagination” — and it was a wizard guy flying a balloon with a baby purple dragon – flying around and talking about fantasy things – trying to inspire imagination. I’ve always had a super hyper active imagination. This is something that has not diminished with any conditions in my life.

Fanciful things always fill my head. When I hear or see something my mind immediately thinks of whimsy. For example, I’m doing a project in my bathroom of taking out and organizing all the “things” in there. One of the things is a package of “Gouze” from HEB> its actually “gauze” and it is actually spelled correctly, but they did NOT use the correct type font for an A so from a distance – say the toilet, it looks for all the world like HEB is selling Gouze to cover your wounds. I asked P about this and he thought it was my whimsy but when he looked he was like “wow, this is actually a major thing they did wrong” I’ll post a picture on facebook of this for those that recognize HEB and the fact that apparently They too have whimsy 🙂 or just newbie marketing people.

So I’ve decided no more Luperone since I’m pretty sure its causing me a ton of bad bad side effects that are more than minorly painful. In the interest of “wow lets get this crap out of my system” I went to the oracle “google” to ask – “google, how this Luperone metabolised” several other polls later, and many webpage searches, I found out that they don’t know yet. This drug got FDA approval with out all the proper information…. in 99. No one has actually resolved this answer since that time. Basically my searching netted me information that said “some people have side effects for 5 years. FIVE YEARS – NFW. Not me boy. So I prayed.

Often times when I pray, I get answers in my dreams, this was no exception. So I was going deep into my body, into the cells, looking for the Luperone, and it manifest in my dreams as these weird … things… like a snail without a shell – or like a long parasite. There were several, in the places one might expect of a hormone suppression drug, on my ovaries, on my uterus, on my pituitary gland, on my breasts. There was one – a rather large one that was on my vertebrae, just snuggled up. So I started talking to this thing – we are going to name him “roger” for no apparent reason other than not having a name makes it harder to continue to explain our discourse.

Roger and I did introductions, and I explained that he was causing me pain. He explained that wasn’t his objective, but that the rest of his “family” had taken all the vital spots for hormone production, so he went to my bones to try and “block/leech” the hormone there. I explained this was not ideal, and that he was hurting me in this process, not helping and that his tail? That is what we agreed to call it was flicking my nerve and causing me excruciating pain.

I asked Roger if there wasn’t somewhere else he could go “do his job” – he explained his children and grandchildren had the other areas covered. He walked me thru my body and somewhat introduced me to the other family members. Also the fast food place they had constructed inside my digestive area – a palace of sorts, taking up residence there that was causing some distress to my “good” bacteria, and also causing me some gastric distress. I politely explained to him that he would need to find another place to stay or he would need to leave.

He explained he was bigger than some of the other family, so he was having a rough time. I asked if someone couldn’t just move to the tubes – since there had to be things there that they could “take care of” – all of the conversation at this point was pleasant.

He tried to get some of his family to swap around, to enable him to have a place to “plant” that wasn’t causing me pain. His family begrudgingly tried this, and lets just say the complaining was spectacular. These wormy type of thingies, were moving all over trying to curl up and find spaces to be happy. It wasn’t working.

The family were all different sizes, the “grand children” which were actually the first ones to enter my body – were actually the smallest, and they were curled inside and content. I asked Roger to just sit with the eggs, its not like they were going anywhere, and they would make a feast for him. He agreed while they would, he was much happier around my spine.

I prayed for some advice. The direction I was given was, you asked how to get rid of these guys. Pop off their body, and flush it out. So I started with the medium ones – which seemed to indicate to me that the first two treatments – judging by the size and locations, were a smaller dose of this drug than the third and fourth, but I’d have to remember to check with my doctor about this, and its not really relevent anymore.

Well, I went in and popped the tail off one of these guys, and picked up the head and the tail and flushed them in my proverbial toilet, I’m not sure my colon was happy about this, but it worked out pretty well in this dream of being a toilet.

Roger didn’t seem to care about my killing off his parents, but he also didn’t seem to want to move off the hurting spot. so he was next to go. Then I decided it was time for the Mc’D’s in my gut to go, and I can’t tell you how much more comfy my tummy was when I basically took my good bacteria, rallied them up and we basically blew up that place. we picked up all the rubble and they let me know that the rubble would serve as food for some of the residents, so they would take care of the clean up.

I went on to the rest of these little guys and I found I was quite enjoying popping off tails and picking them up and flushing them. I worked thru the entire rest of my body and cleared them out. Woke up this morning, and my colon let me know it was time for the follow up flush.

Now I know that this was just a dream, but man I woke up feeling alot better. Now just muscular Sciatic issues, which I know how to deal with…. gut feels better, back feels better.

No five years for me boy, Roger had to go. Roger, wilco and out.

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