Off roading of life

Had a far out dream last night – this is a little odd for me to be saying because I have ALOT of far out dreams but this one – kinda took the cake. I was riding a motorcycle/dirt bike thing. I don’t honestly know if it was more of a motorcycle or more of a dirt bike. I have ridden on both before, but I haven’t ever driven them. I didn’t know this was something my mind had contemplated about, but apparently it had…

I was riding trying to find R – was a little odd, because I was in a place, like a city I haven’t really – well I don’t recall being in it. There were these shopping center places, and there were these patches of grass, and I was kinda off roading, and then at another moment I was driving on the freeway.

Due to conditions, I haven’t really driven in close to two years at this point, so its a little odd to begin with, but the stress of merging on the highway – well it was super realistic, and there was another “motorcycle or dirtbike driver that was kinda cutting me off between a truck” – so it was a little stressful even in the dream.

There was this bridge, I didn’t drive over, sorta like the one in Georgetown. Then the offroading part was like kinda driving thru the grassy dirt patch, and I was kinda having to struggle to hold the bike vertical, it kept leaning different sides, it also didn’t want to keep moving, it was getting stuck in the ground.

The feeling was pretty realistic, then I realized that I must have passed where R was walking, so I turned around to head back. Apparently we had been at some shopping center thing, with this movie theatre, and he had been walking to X destination, and I got on the bike to catch up to him – as I had been delayed at the theatre.

The theatre was pretty sweet, it was sorta like the paramount, except it was a movie theatre, old school style.

Overall the experience sorta made me wonder why I haven’t ever tried to drive a motorcycle. Its not exactly that I’ve ever wanted to drive one exactly just sorta that I’ve been curious – curious kitten always.

Dreams are such an interesting thing – always telling you things you didn’t expect, and showing you things that are in a perspective very different from what you expect.

I slept super long today – having gone to bed early one could say I slept longer than I was awake. I’m coming to realize that my body requires more time for rest than I’ve been allowing it. I’ve been trying to rewire the part of me that doesn’t want to allow this, with increasing success. I actually woke up after about 12 hours of sleep and wanted to sleep some more, so I took meds, and laid back down and slept another couple of hours. Its amazing to me how much better I feel after long sleeps verses short sleeps. Just getting my brain and head to wrap around the concept that sleep is a happy thing.

One of the more amusing things is that Starbuck “decides” when it’s time for me to get up. He will go lay outside of the door, and either breath heavily like long pent up sighs, or he will lightly scratch the door and then lay back down wait a few minutes and repeat. He gets so excited when I finally get up like “thanks human I have been waiting forever for this” Although, truthfully he does enjoy going to bed earlier, and he enjoys when I sleep too. P said last night he curled up on the pillow next to my head, I was too asleep to tell confirm, although doesn’t surprise me, he is always checking up on me to make sure I’m okay and resting well.

Here is to more long sleeps and good rests going forward.

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