Can you paint with all the colors of the wind

Lyric from one of my favorite Pocahantas songs. Today a sad thing happened.

In the radical remission workshop, there were a couple of folks I hit it off with – one of them was a lady named Bunny. During one of the early activities, she mentioned how she really loved the colors that a few of the people used, and how she didn’t have them to color up her sheet. She shared from her breakout session how “fun” was one of the things that was missing in her chart.

This was a call to action to me, as a person that finds fun in everything – all the time – how can we make xyz frustrating chore fun – lets do it. Fun is king. Happiness and fun – hand in hand in a perpetual dance of love and joy. I posted on the RR forum – LETS GET BUNNY SOME COLORED PENCILS STAT!! to get her attention, I got communicating with her, and immediately got some pencils and a coloring book sent off to her.

She was stunned by my gift, didn’t know how to react, but she was so grateful. We started talking nearly every day. Just quick notes, sharing our enjoyment from the sessions, and she sharing her excitement over these gifts. Once they got there she shared pictures that she did with me. She was truly enjoying them – and I was just super happy I got to be a part of this enjoyment.

She had such a happy spirit, at the end of the RR workshop sessions, they would do dance party sessions with empowering feel good music, and she would always be dancing – from a bed where she was stuck – and she would hold up her most recently colored photo to share, so I could see how much joy my gift had brought her.

I felt last night, what has been called in other worlds “a disturbance in the force” – really its just I told P I felt “off” – couldn’t place it – I’ve been overly tired so I just went to bed early. I had weird dreams – but that seems to be the norm for me lately.

Got up after many many hours of sleep, was doing my morning things, checked my mail. There was an email from C – Bunny’s wife. She communicated to let me know Bunny had passed away in the night. She wanted to express to me how much the “colors” had meant to Bunny – how in her last weeks she had used them every day, and enjoyed happily the brightness and possibilities they brought to her life. I know its important to receive, and I know this is the universe letting me receive this – to receive the goodness that my actions – my giving generated for someone else.

I wasn’t super close to Bunny – she was just a kindred spirit on a journey that had some parallels to mine. When I first told her I had gotten the colors, she was not good at receiving, she had written back with a slightly snarky reply. I laughed at this, and basically just chose to ignore it, and just smother her with kindness. We all need friends to get by with…. Her condition is not mine. Her situation is not mine. Her passing is not an overly sad thing, she was in alot of discomfort, and now she is at rest.

Sail well Bunny. Hope to the colorful universal places that a rabbit should enjoy filled with Joy and colors. The cool part about being dead, or so I’ve heard, is that you get to fart colors. So this is something I know she will enjoy. Its like the carebear stare coming out of everywhere imaginable. May your journey to Valhalla pass quickly and with all the joy that life brought to you.

This is a personal opportunity for me to grieve and allow the grief I have stored in many of my cells to release and evolve from my body. Grief is a part of life, and allowing these to pass out of me is a hopeful thing. I’m sad to lose my friend Bunny. I’m grateful for the opportunity to grieve her, and consider my lose, and the past losses I have failed to embrace and release. Thank you Universe for allowing me to meet her, allowing me to hold her so close to my heart, and allowing me to learn how to grieve. She was an incredible spirit, and her passing is teaching me how to embrace and release. Thank you for my grief, may it help me become stronger, and live a brighter lighter existance.

2 thoughts on “Can you paint with all the colors of the wind”

  1. I am so glad you gave her the additional colors. ✨Blessings to her friends and loved ones!✨ I am thankful for your being a part of the wondrous Radical Remission Sessions. I love you!

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