Toto, we aren’t in kansas anymore….

Want to work thru some epiphany things I had based upon a dream last night. There are several parts to this to get to the goal.

Part one. As a child I read this book series – I don’t recall the author, or enough of the content to find the author was thinking it was Ursula Le Guin, or Madeleine L’Engle – but I don’t honestly recall. The book was about one of her children getting very ill. She explained a concept, that was somewhat the basis for the book – and somehow was a fundamental thing that I grabbed onto for my life.

The concept was that we, our universe, our planet, our countries, towns, houses, lives – we are all a single cell in a giant organism. Much the way that our cells, are infinite universes, with their own star systems, planets, and some of them thriving with life, and some of them being killed off by the entities – our entities that live there.

Somehow this concept resonated with my young self – and it showed me – my young self how to individually heal or in a cluster heal broken or damaged cells. I’ve used this tool the entirety of my life, its very leverageable for other people. It does, however, require a massive amount of multi tasking – one has to be able to accept the reality where this is possible, and then one has to be able to hold the concepts of both the macro and the micro in the head at the same time while simultaneously dissecting the problem of the broken or damaged cell or where the issue lies, and then – in the path of god in our lives – cause the change. Its alot to simultaneously hold these concepts in ones mind while utilizing energy to produce the desired result.

In the course of my life, I have learned many many other highly effective healing techniques. This one will always be the first that I learned, followed very quickly with the tactic of laying of hands, or the power of group energy to heal. I have used all of these techniques over my life.

At this point in my life, balancing multiple things is not only difficult its detrimental to me, and the realization a few weeks ago was that I was feeling something strongly about this negative. I was feeling very much sad about being unable to manage multiple things, and my therapist called it “depressed” and while I saw the truth in what she said I could not fathom why I would be depressed about this – I understand now. Losing the ability – well I didn’t lose it, just its not practical to utilize it at this time, my first healing talent – it hurts. I am depressed about this. It’s not a “OMG THE WORLD HAS ENDED depression” but it is certainly a depression that I am working thru from the perspective that its gracefully giving up the things of youth for a more enlightened path.

Thoughts to ponder. Now on to the next thing to ponder.

Science is documenting/proving that our cells – the DNA that makes up the uniqueness of “who” we believe we are – is less than 10% of our bodies. Less than 10% of the “person” who we are at any given moment is unique DNA for “me” – that means effectively, we are a minority in our bodies. We/I – am a minority within my own body. The parts that truly represent “who I am” are not the overriding presence. Now – this is an unusual situation to embrace – given that I’m a white woman, living in Texas where women are more prevalent than men, and where white individuals are also more prevalent than other races.

I have spent the good portion of my life analysis predjudices, and what causes perfectly rational individuals to judge other perfectly rational individuals by some semblence of characteristics that they have no control over, that were part of their cosmic design from the beginning. It has always seemed foreign to me – but I’ve had to embrace some of the insights from social media lately that pretty much every one is predjudice.

I have always attempted to rise above my – whatever they are prejudices, and to actively seek to embrace and surround myself with opportunities to be in the minority and to learn from these experiences, and to seek the things that make cultures, peoples unique, to ensure I am able to provide some semblance of the comforts of home to those that are not in their normal circumstances. To boldly go where I have not gone before.

This concept that I am a minority is quite curious, and the concept that I am in some cases – in discomfort that I am potentially being persecuted by my body, by my choices – is also intriguing. It is also applicable from the perspective that “the C word” is a minority of the sect of my body that is Me. So many spiderweb thoughts of this, but I need to let the thoughts coalesce a bit to make sure they are true feeling for my life.

In anycase. Happy monday that is really Tuesday, and the beginning of a short week. May you be Safe. May you be Healthy, May you above all be Happy.

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  1. Today is an opportunity to reflect, release, revel and remind myself… to rest and recover. Hugs to you Alethia, big squishy Mom hugs✍🏼

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