The illusion that is time

I recall the first time I realized that time is an illusion. That its one of those constructs that we invent to give us confines. To try and put energy into a box. The things before, the things to come – we create structure and rules around energy. Time is one of those. It has its own set of “things” –

Recently I was reminded of last year, when we went to the keys. What an incredible trip, and the reminder served to make me realize that alot of “time” has passed since that trip. Many breathes.

Breath is real. In and out, lungs pumping, heart beating. These things are real, they are energy confined in our bodies. Time however so imaginary. Sometimes you can have many breaths in a minute, sometimes very few. Depends upon how the energy flows, how breath flows. What a silly construct this time…. trying to get us to live our lives spend our energy by its confines. We are living souls, with a pulse, a heartbeat, these things represent the truth. Time is just an arbitrary construct. You can watch the hands go forward, you can watch the hands go backwards, you can watch the hands stand still. Take breaths, count in breaths., you will surely see the reality of the difference.

The keys was an amazing trip. Sharing it with family was amazing. I was not as well then as I am now. Its easy to forget with my current struggles, how far I have come towards healing. Its easy to whine about the things I DO NOT have instead of rejoicing in the things I do. Memories of these times, which were so precious, are so precious to me. The memories, reflections of the balance, both the good and the bad of them. The place I am at now, is harder but its also better. When many heart beats have passed, and when many breathes have passed, and when we all consensus on “next year this time” and I look back at this time, I’m certain I won’t remember these struggles. Thats why its good to document them here, so that I can experience the blessings all over again.

I am so grateful for life. For the people in my life that teach me, hold me, help me, elevate me, reality check me, and in general chose to be in my life. Its a choice, we chose whose energy we want to engage with, who we want to keep close, to amplify, to mingle in, to play and dance with, its my pleasure to express my gratitude for all of the souls whose energy dances with mine. Thank you, you are loved, you are adored, and above all you are heartfelt and I am grateful.

We walked to the mailbox yesterday. It was a push for me, I was exhausted when we got home. But it felt so so good to have done it. Not to mention to have gotten the mail, so two check marks on the proverbial “to do” list. Later I did a little rebounding, trying to keep P on his toes and challenged for doing it – its a game we don’t talk about, but he has been rebounding, which inspires me, and I have been doing it, which inspires him. I did a little yesterday, and it was a little much after the walk, I went to bed early because I was so so tired. It was a good tired. I slept really well.

Today I kept it up, I added a little more time to my rebounding, and the movement, as usual, helps. It hurts a little in the moment, but my body thrives, my energy dances from the exertion. Bodies were made for movement, it makes the cells happy. Happy Cells Heal faster, live longer and work better.

I am so happy to have this place where I can stream my consciousness, and just share the random things that have crossed my mind. Today, I learned that squirrels are basically superheroes from this Youtube: – it was great, an adorable method of utilizing skills to showcase the power of squirrels, one set of ingenuity working towards another.

Got to do a video call with family today, and we just hung out and talked, and somehow it just felt fun. We laughed, we shared silly things, and silly knowledge, and basically just digitally spent a few moments in each others lives. Calling this time social isolation is really very incorrect, its more about Physical Isolation – which hormonally is actually kinda bad – hugs have been proven to promote feel good hormones and overall health – so Physical isolation is kinda a method of making people sick…. Interesting food for thought in this social experimentation time we are living in… Just have to elevate the energy, so that it overcomes the physical by helping remind people we are energy beings that are just temporarily in physical bodies anyway.

Time to go do house things, enjoying a lazy sunday afternoon.

One thought on “The illusion that is time”

  1. …spirits in a material world.
    I have enjoyed sharing time with you this weekend.
    Blessings to you my first born. I am amazed by you❣️

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