In times like this…

“Great heaven knows, we wish we had not so many clothes!”

This is an Adam Ant song that I have always loved – “Strip” – it is an analogy that is just so appropriate 🙂

Its an extremely sexual song, with extremely sexual undertones – however – that being said, the concept of being “striped down” psychologically is so so appropriate, and if you take the content and context of what is being said and put it into todays day and time challenges we are facing as a society, and you consider them in a very truly non-sexual way – its so so appropriate.

We are in this life, this shared experience together. We all have our own bears to wrestle, we all have our own pooh’s filling our head with fluff.

Today is the start of cycle three, and my little girl is jumping for joy…. how/why you say? Because I striped her down, and fruity pebbles is apparently enough right now for her to nudge nudge me excitedly to get up and start my day. How can this be? Because that pure part of me, that innocent part of me, just loves the simplicity and beauty and the happiness they bring. Bluntly I’m gonna be that little girl today, because her strength is what I need these days.

I talk to so many of the bright souls, I am blessed with in my life. I listen to so many of the challenges, to lament with them of their struggles, their personal bears, their wrestling matches – how they too fall and struggle with getting back up. We are all sharing these experiences. No one is alone.

I recall the simplicity of that science experiment from decades ago that proved to me in physical form – the principle definition of the conservation of energy – that it can neither be created or destroyed. It can completely be altered.

When I too, am struggling in those moments of the dark night, I remember that train I took so so long ago, and the true epiphany of seeing that adage of the light at the end of the tunnel. We are just in the tunnel. We have each other for comfort and safety, but there is light. Sometimes we just need to practice our self tools for reframe to “remind ourselves” that it can always get better. — Or laugh at the concept that Angelica Houston stated as the “naughty witch” in Ever After where she says “No matter how bad things get, they can always get worse”…. I laugh everytime I think of this, because I understand how energy works. It likes balance.

I was telling a friend going through struggles, to remember the scales of justice, and that to think in the reframe of the fact — to enjoy the struggles – to think of them as the balance for all the good amazing things coming. To see these struggles, these challenges as the “prep work, the dirty work” you have to do in the kitchen to get to that AMAZING delicious result. The struggle is real. The struggle isn’t as bad as you think. You can get through the struggle – and sometimes the fruity pebbles are just over in the cabinet, and those young parts of you that truly believed in just the amazing, just the beautiful – that beautiful young part is still there 🙂

Come out and play.

Life is good – we got this!

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