Its funny to me that this word has so so many connotations, “Direction” — like what the director told you to do .. for the play, for the musical, for the singing piece…. And then when it comes to navigation within driving, kinda you need to know atleast what direction you wish to move the car in….

Right now, direction is becoming relative to society – and seeing so many old patterns be bounced, changed, or directed somewhere differently.

For me, Direction is about – which way are we leading life?

Had the realization that 2060 will be the year I turn 87. What a crazy whirl win of time that is to be moving towards – watching so much of everything I’ve known become everything that is relative in the moment – watching everyone else not inside my conditions experience this same thing.

Having had a love for coffee for the majority of my adult life, and having had a passion for so many aspects of it in recent decades – it was time for P and I to take a trip down this rabbit hole together – he procured a new expresso machine lately, and he took a masterclass on being a barista. He is just loving making me the best expresso.

I am a spoiled woman, because I am getting to order, and have my own personal barista available to dance over and make me some yummy liquid goodness.

Its amusing to me that I’m having to monitor to ensure I don’t over caffeinate. Which is especially challenging because not only is it amazing tasting but he is so enjoying dabbling I want to encourage this, and by cracky I’ll enjoy that expresso too.

Finishing the second round of this new protocol this week – tomorrow and I am so so looking forward to it. This round has been harder, and here is hoping that they get easier again soon.

We have aligned our northstar and we know which way means which things, now we need to set the sails and have some smooth sailing soon.

Life is good.

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