Count your blessings instead of sheep

Today I’m having one of those days, where I can’t help but thank the universe over and over again for all the incredible amazing people it has blessed me with in my life.

Words often get in the way of an explanation. They complicate many things based upon individual filters that are neither right nor wrong, but are person perception.

There are many things that are the best things in the world. Its also amazing when you KNOW exactly what you need, but its better when you know what you need and you actually get precisely that thing.

The psychological and mental things sometimes you just can’t feed with anything but emotional comfort.

This third round of treatment is harder. For so many reasons, some physical and many that are in the more important area.

Its funny the older I get the more I realize that part of longevity is not physical at all but mental, psycological and emotional houses being in order. The Physical seems to be an “extra” but its not the end all. There are amazing things that humans are capable of doing and accomplishing with the other things being in order. We are all healers, and the ability to heal ourselves, loved ones, everyone, and the world are significantly based upon the concept of being able to recognize, and adjust for the other challenges.

This is a time for testing for all of us, a time for understanding how to tap into and utilize those remarkable abilities we have from birth to See beyond physical, to feel and touch beyond the physical – the Physical was never intended to be our most direct route to exploration …. it was intended to be our “back up” — our real route has to do with all the other things that make up our being.

Prayer and positive vibes. Keep them coming and I’ll keep surrounding myself with these things to help myself clear out decades of forgetting that I’m my most important job that taking care of myself is the only way I can be here to help support the other people in my life.

Bright blessings, love and light to all those that are fellow light sources, intent to fill us all with their hope, strength and the power of belief.

Life is Good.

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