Mail Carrier took a day off

Today is my day to let my mind run free with no obligations. There should be more of these. Intuitions have been flashing to me like traffic lights of insight. This time, this age, this day is filled with many world challenges, and my intuitions don’t seem to be providing me with details about less.

I’m not sure which is more of a challenge, the one you stumble into or the one you know is coming. On the one hand one seems more traumatic in the moment – but the other allows you to traumatize yourself over time. Maybe they are both just challenges and there isn’t a lot of rhythm or reason to them – I like and dislike both – I mean “challenges” the word implies they are things beyond what your doing at this time/moment – not insurmountable but requiring “more” of things to accomplish – more energy, more time, more effort, more mental redirection – just more.

I am very blessed to have such a wide and helpful circle of people to share their journey with me, to share their rollercoasters and to listen to mine and to share the overall feeling of hug even if its less physical than it has always been up till this day and age. It is a common thread that this challenge feeling is spread across them all – every one in my life is circling with their own mountains – while this has been the case for all of my life – the mountains are a reminder your learning and living – It just seems like they are alot more ‘daunting’ for so many of them.

Its a case of misery loves company I suppose, but somehow hearing and sharing in someone elses personal struggles, their personal mountains, their personal perspective on “driving forward” is helpful to me with my own – it sort of like sharing the load of theirs and sharing the load of mine – and we both get help and compassion.

It doesn’t feel like this is a negative thing – I mean it can certainly be negative– both in perception and in effect – however most of the peeps in my circle abound with infinite positivity just like me — the universe is a grand place filled with moments and memories to be had and experienced, and shared. Even these challenging ones – which I’m finding after the instantaneous moment they are really somewhat laughable – mostly because my intuition is laughing with me about it – its like “remember when….”

I am learning more and more about this intuition – the fact that as much as the information seems so NOT uplifting – that the nature of the circle is that even when something is removed, it has a ripple of uplifting – and this is a reminder to me that no energy is every lost, it grows into those amazing flowers we see, or becomes the new born bird eggs, or the bunnies that come back again and again to my yard – or the promise of other victories.

Life is all about the experiences, the ones we want, the ones we hope for and the ones we have to learn from.

Life is good.

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