Some sounds are the best

So Bing – microsoft web browser that is not as good as chrome but is integrated – has taken to showing me “amazing sights” for a while now – and this one just really I love – Milford Sound — Its off New Zealand – which coincidentally is one of the places on my strong list, and one I’ve been dabbling with lately.

A “sound” is something I’ve always found interesting/enjoyable – Puget Sound being my personal exposure to it, go go northwest for enhancing my life experience.

For some reason every time I hear someone say that “the sound” it makes Jule Andrews bust into song in my head with the “the hills are alive, with the sound of music” …. not that there is any type of correlation — atleast not from the Direct physical – but I will say that the area where I have explored and experienced multiple time “puget sound” has had a very distinctive natural “music” if you are can imagine to it…. the culmination of water, wild life, and wind always soothing to my soul.

I’m having one of those “but I wanna” days – its super early yet – maybe the little girl part of me will get distracted – here is hoping – from the “I wannas” …. Wanting to visit the ocean is one of those high on the list; its also high on the wish list for the rest of the Alethia’s swirling around in my head. We spent alot of time at Sea World exploring – we had annual passes, R and I spent the majority of a summer poking around there – there was a show – it was an indoor theatre show – which if you know Florida humdity, heat and perpetually rain at all will make sense why it was one of our favorite “come sit for an hour” places.

There was a line in that performance/show where the girl says “The ocean is…. the Ocean is….. because the character is exploring her thoughts”….. thats me…. IDK what I’d say exactly the ocean “is” but its something …. its like a comforting friend that sooths, protects, and cleanses all thoughts, struggles, strife out of my mind.

There are alot of these things I could use that inner calm for right now, it isn’t that I haven’t be “reframing” or “redirecting” my thoughts – its the fact that you reach a time when sometimes stepping into the shower or tub of life is beneficial.

May the universe provide this opportunity soon, even if it is so far away in this Milford Sound.

Life is good.

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