Circle in the sand

an 80s song by Belinda Carlisle — seems so so much like a weird memory moment – I remember when this song was brand new – and the music video came out. Both the lyrics and the video are so so “me” with their pictures of walking on the beach….

Sometimes my head just got to places or desires that are from a song or picture I’ve heard – I haven’t decided if this is “good” or “constructive” for me or not. Understanding where a tendency comes from, and why its happening is helpful – but its not a change, its only the identification – like the stickers for “garage sale” …. The Garage Sale of Life.

Its like breathes or heartbeats – in and out – be-at, be-at…. all a pleasant circle of fast, slow, even.

This month will be my 24th wedding anniversary – I have been together with P for half of my life – well technically that happened in april – but “conformity” says …. actual legal ceremony…. that was in August.

Its interesting to note how impactful this is to me, he is that external part that is like so many of the internal parts – from the perspective that he has been the comfortable underwear – — Yeah we all over them, the “favorite ones” that fit just right that you keep pulling out and picking first when the laundry is done — Pikachu I chose you!!

Something in the words. New games afoot — not sure how I feel about those, but seems its time. There is a part of me that wishes ice cream didn’t taste so amazing. Like who created or thought of this horrible delicious invention? Lets mix up this cream – add a touch of sugar and freeze it baby! — Maybe it started out as something “healthier” that was easier to eat in the hot summer months. Wiki has a whole history of the stuff but man, we have – to quote Virginia Slims – “come a long way baby” … Yesterday was filled with “misses” — this being one of them.

Life is striking me lately alot like misses, and I’m being “walked” alot – it isn’t that I’m such a threatening hitter – its more I feel, that the universe is stacking the bases with me, intent that I will get in for the run.

Have had so many weird series of dreams lately – all over the place about the world goings on, and much more immediate surrounding addresses — its very good to know my thoughts and feelings are quite capable of altering, and that the circle apparently, clearly applies to me.

Life is good.

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