BiBBity Bobbity Boo

Its the wee hours, and time, life and generally good things have woken me to start my day.

Have had a fleeting thought going thru my mind of writing a book of for my niece. Something filled with all the laughable memories I have of time growing up with her dad – not so much a bedtime story but something – when communication is hard for her – that will or could be a solace in places where you want to be alone, but not really. Figuring out the medium and format is choosing – well the younger parts of me all have very strong opinions on how I should approach this, and unfortunately at this time they are divergent – a few more weeks and let them still battle it out to see whose writing will reign supreme.

Yesterday was a day filled with “challenges” — you know those little things, that when you are in a good, strong place are really No Big Deal – just the “wow that was annoying” — but they are usually resolved — well quicker than you think, and less stressful than it seems in the moment – but still longer than was pleasant. Its when they all seem to be following in such quick succession and totally unrelated that it gives me pause. Wasn’t just mine – although I’m 100% certain by the nature of the energy that mine caused the ones P experienced to be far more icky.

We wrapped up the day by self compromise and acting like good little adults and being rational and reframing to get us both out of less constructive places and back into the inspiration station. I just look back at them and shake my head.

The best part is that from my own person experience, I know to be the case that the more “effort/frustration/learning” a thing takes … usually the result is amazing. Need this to be the case here, so that energy comes back and manifests as something truly profound and constructive.

There are so so many blessings in my life – its easy to get wrapped up in the drama associated with the small stones along the path. They will disappear or go into my pocket and be applied to the stone path we are trying to build to climb the mountains of life.

Did some pie-in-the-sky things yesterday to clear my head – looked at “luxury trips” — you know those ones that are beyond rich – its kinda like my version of “life times of the rich and famous” — A girl can dream – but I’m not sure even if we were in the perfect place mentally, emotional and most of all physically that I would be inclined to spend 10% of my overall retirement fund to take a trip – even if it looks so amazing and is a once in a lifetime thing — atleast for us – but it makes me wonder at the life that is the norm for those that do afford these trips. Crazy life.

My anniversary is rapidly approaching. This will be 24 years – been talking to P about “what you want” type of things – I mean he knows I’d love to go somewhere – it just doesn’t feel safe.

We ruled out a couple more enjoyable things on our circuit of activity because people are just not being smart. I know masks aren’t comfortable, and I know they aren’t 100% but even the small bandaid on the split open wound catches “some of the blood” — and if your arm is falling off you generally don’t go play in the mosh pit. If someone offers you a “immune booster” — you generally take it even if you are healthy – its like the reason we lock our doors – the door doesn’t need to be locked – its a minor form of protection – I mean it really isn’t a true deterrent if someone really needs or wants to break in – but its a small little sign and a way to redirect our energy towards “Not this place, go pick one that’s easier” ….. Just need to remind myself that this is the course that works for me, and its not my job to guide someone else’s ship.

Life is moving so fast and so slow all at the same time, and its remarkable to me. P and I talked last night about the pace of life right now. Days feel like weeks – not at all in a bad way but in an enjoyable way of experiences.

Life is good.

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