Blame it on the Rain

I remember a time – one in particular …. there is ofcourse a story around this….

When I worked at Walt Disney World – I worked for the magic kingdom in the costume department. When you worked for the grand employer at one of the theme parks – it was …. an interesting adventure getting and leaving work. They had what was called “dress and travel time” basically your “shift” started 15 minutes before and ended 15 minutes early – to allow you time to get into “costume” – yes even if you were a backstage minion – and to get on the “bus” from your vehicle and get to the place you would be working – and parking for your car at “work” was like visiting the theme park – they didn’t have labels like “goofy” for the areas, but it was… definitely a workout sometimes especially in the busy season to get from your car to the bus – and then time to wait, and ride to the “office” to get changed – and ready for “work” — 15 minutes was quite often pushing it – and it was normal to allow 30 before work.

As a young person that time seemed like mountains – it seemed like the beginning line of a rollercoaster – I hated it. It was an incredible build up for a job that wasn’t what I had hoped it would be – and while it was great and stable and the environment was safe and the workers were friendly – it wasn’t all I’d hoped so I hated it. With all of my not 20 self, it was a burden.

The place was in central Florida – which “the rainy season” is bluntly 10 months of the year – its the happiest and wettest placer on earth – or one of them. It rained nearly daily – and usually that rain lined up with my “getting to work time” — so it was extremely common for me to get soaked running from my car to the bus.

There is one memory in particular – I had gotten “loaned out” as an employee for the couple month “summer schedule” to one of the “side” hotel laundry/costume areas – and while this was “different/unique” — and had its own share of “things I greatly enjoyed” and things I ‘found wildly annoying’ — overall the rain daily was the most of the later…

This one particular day, I remember I was lamenting to the universe how “rain again, please please can’t I just have five minutes without any rain? ” and the universe laughing at me, for things — at other times you will be so so well – blessed for having.

I think back to this moment because its one of the first times I recall hearing the universe laugh in my head – and I remember my mind giving pause – I mean “rain” bleh. ….. and then I recall thinking to myself “but its rain, is it really so bad? ” — I think this is one of those moments when I went from hating to loving the rain -or it was atleast the first breadcrumb I consciously recall.

In my life, having lived so many places where rain is “NOT” often – not nearly as frequent and definitely much much more rare – for example – I recall a few years from this memory/moment – living in San diego – where they had a record 180+ days without any rain. The dynamic is so extreme.

Today, its raining – and I love the rain, I love the feeling of it hitting my face and shoulders….. I love the sound of it, and the freshness it brings – and it fills me with such hope and inspiration – but its often during these moments when I am so so thankful for the rain that cleared away the allergens and allowed me to be more physically comfortable – allergies taking a day off — where its turned everything lush and green — where the sky is lamenting its sorrowful song of loss and change. Where I am blessed to be able to enjoy this….

Its in these moments that the laugh of the universe, and that memory from so many years ago pops so vivid in my mind – thank you universe for always understanding the experiences I need to have to learn and grow and thank you for being understanding of my shortsightedness in asking for things, that you understand I probably don’t need, that maybe the fast food of the moment, but not the nourishment my body and soul need.

Thank you for allowing me to enjoy this journey – the times, the experiences, the moments, the breaths, the loves – the lives and souls that touch and caress mine.

Life is good. Oh and so is the rain.

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