Hakuna Matata

Its the one phrase in swahili I know, thanks to the disney empire. My dad used the “no worries” expression in one of our communications yesterday and I laughed. I adopted this many many years ago – the toon is catchy but the sentiment more so — “no worries” — seems overly appropriate for this time and age – a gentle perpetual reminder life is good, and that worries is a bag of poo that needs taken out once a week – but isn’t something you really need to carry around “no worries” or better translated as “take it easy” —

Many tribulations, many “not resolved” things – I have to keep redirecting my mind like a cat with one of those string toys “no over here, no over here” — Luckily for me the universe has provided me with a life of seeking shiny treasure, and some specific mental, emotional and most recently actual physical tools for regulating and enforcing this….

While its incredible and a joyous thing to see other people reach long earned milestones, and to cheerlead to help them get there — I have found especially of late, how truly blessed I am to get to experience those for myself.

Enjoying the progress reports because it means THERE was progress, and there is still time to shift the sails and sail the boat in a different current or horizon. The boat is mine, the captain is mine, the crew are all mine, and above all else the journey is mine.

Life is good.

One thought on “Hakuna Matata”

  1. Life is good! I am happy to be in your crew❤️
    Much love and light for continued success.

    ❤️Your Mom❤️

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