Mental Reminders for myself

When you support poor business practices, you encourage them to continue by the voice of your dollar.

This is a lesson i learned a long time ago, and I have had many many repetitions of this.

Today was another example of me making the mistake of supporting and falling into the trap of “well but but but” that goes along generally with rising above and deciding “No, I’m not going to support this bad practice, fix it”…. Today I fell into the trap of “well maybe it will be okay? …. ” or the “well, maybe it will work out okay today”….

Food Deliveries; great idea, poorly executed. All the lemmings have followed along with these poorly supported/developed plans, and we have just accepted them – this isn’t right. Delivery should be the “norm” and shouldn’t be an upcharge. It should pay the driver a normal wage, plus wear and tear, and I shouldn’t have to or be encouraged to “tip” for something that isn’t really a service, its a standard of the operation.

When I’m ordering hot food – it shouldn’t be delayed for “multiple delivers” — um — your going to take my food on a 3 hour tour? This already sounds sketch, but now I have paid for the priviledge- hope my eggs enjoy seeing the sights.

I have heard the horror tales of how much the restaurant is upcharged for the “priviledge” of being available on these programs. I have seen the upcharge of the food I have previously ordered suddenly increase for no reason – I have seen the cost of the “service fee” — Service Fee? increase steadily because someone thinks it should – taking advantage of those that can’t do for themselves.

So in an environment where we are trying struggling hard to encourage people to stay at home – away from others – we are being punished for following this by poor business practices.

I don’t know what the solution is – I don’t know that this is not where my focus should be right now – I do know that its just frustrating as the human that wants the world to be a better place that I feel the safer route is to encourage bad business practices to continue to provide a safer place for me – but is it really safer? The world may never know.

Life is good – challenging, chaotic and crazy – but good.

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