One fruit, two fruits

Smoothies of banana mango apples freshly juiced are so so good. We started a few weeks ago making these mostly because I had apples that needed to get used, and we had a surplus of Bananas – as they have been a thing we added to costco – now with our ability to vacuum seal we are ordering bananas and avacodos there which when the ripen we freeze what we have left.

The mango gives such a unique flavor – its a fruit I have never really had extensive experience with but P in his infinite wisdom searched and found “the way” for how you easily separate it from the skin/seed to get the most of the tasty delicious goodness. Its a fruit, much like apple super rich in nutrients.

As re-scan week comes to a close I’m struck by how much I’ve come to recognize these as very much like the little notes my bug guys leave outside my door. They are neither solution nor bane they just happen. Hopefully doctors will have fun stories to tell me next week.

Apparently congress in their infinite wisdom passed some law that obligates medical establishments to pass on results of these and other tests within 24 hours. I mean I’m not at all complaining because “getting” and “knowing” whats what sooner is … well its appreciated. I do not have a medical degree however and its not something I’d have interest in obtaining and the results never just say “good” “bad” they use a butt load of jargon that I have to search for and hope that I’m finding some “smart” not some “silly” result ….. After all, the bane of the anonymity of the web is that all the information is not as factual and correct as it may have started out in the past when it was university based. Now its littered with the same marketing propaganda that the rest of life finds itself riddled with – we have Termites of the web folks, too bad the best pesticide for this is to get the pirates to be bug guys of the web.

Sufficed to say another 3 month of status obtained and now its time to zen into the next little bit and enjoy the beauty of life. Takes a little longer to clear the contrast from my body than it did five years ago, but it will clear and I’ll feel better and less tired than I do today.

Chemo is next week, and we are “moving on up” as they would sing at the beginning of the Jefferson’s. — I wonder if that show was prejudiced. So many spider webs, so little time.

On to fun things!

Life is good.

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