Skate or Die

Was a quote from a game that R spent hours at the arcade playing – and I loved loved watching – 720 – which just seemed appropriate since today is that day.

Funny how things like that make your mind giggle. Like the fact that someone shared an amusing thing with me about how Convenient a day 711 was…. Small things, always the small things.

Today is wrought with appts with doctors. Both of whom are ones I deeply respect and actually enjoy the appts usually, but there is still an uneasy sense of apprehension that settles around my head every time before a dr appt. …. I mean bluntly, if you are “going to the doctor” its not so he can tell you how “great you are” — its for the other side, there is something you need expertise beyond your own self on your own body and the conditions occurring – so normally not going to be a thing to look forward to…. in a sense.

I’m working right now to help my mind reframe this – that its the equivalent of going to the library when you are doing research – clearly you have exhausted the resources within your immediate grasp so the doctor is the overly helpful librarian to give you direction where to seek or hunt next. — Yeah thats the ticket Alethia – there we go with a frame I can use.

So many great things happening right now, I get to share on the fringe and within my circle, such a powerful time to be alive. “with power comes responsibility” — or “infinite cosmic power, itty bitty living space”

Both quotes seem wildly appropriate and still very limiting. Watched a video about upcoming walk outs planned to help “produce change” – there is a great part of me – and apparently many others that feels like our class “diversity” has been shifting to the “haves” and the “have nots” — and as one of those units in the middle – its quite scary. This has occurred times in the past, in Americas past; and the results were while dynamic – it seems like we should have the capacity to learn from our history, learn from our challenges and advance or get thru this in a better less apocalyptical way – but it also seems like that is unlikely to occur.

I’m torn with staying “aware” of what’s going on in the macro cosmos … and sticking my head in the sand for the moment to focus on the apocalyptic things going on within the macro cosmos of me. The internal struggle I’m having right now with things is very parallel to the one going on to society and life – I’m humbled by alot of the contrasts.

Of course all these retrospectives don’t really serve me towards accomplishing the “one goal” or the “other” and two many pots means one of mine is probably going to get overcooked.

Speaking of cooked! I made the most wonderful Suppa Tuscana the other day! Pretty excited how it turned out – going to have to make it again for T when she gets back from holiday – I think this is what she was expecting/hoping for when I made the last “potato” soup…. and it wasn’t….. but this one — I have mastered you now, because you turned out exactly as I expected, soup – its on!

Overall, and in great abundance – Life is good.

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