Straightening loops

There are certain aspects of oneself that the more you learn about the easier it is to find the source, and to evolve.

I’m a data analyst – before it was cool to be a data analyst – more as a personality type or “what I do when you tell me something” – I’m certain alot of personality types do this – but I’ve got it down to a science …. I’m effectively a black belt in data analysis – meaning to say there are many many times when I get it “wrong” because my mind takes this or that rabbit hole then I take a significant amount of time and energy to convince myself we are off course and retrace my mental steps – but overall the entire process is my “skill”

Most people I’ve met have this skill in one for or another, they take given piece of data and they “process it” – what that process looks like I’ve done extensive evaluation on — (Hint data analysis on people) and while it seems like it could or would be the same – its not at all the same.

What one person hears, the specific words, tone, inflection, pauses – are NOT the same as another. Every filter: Visual, Auditory, Smell and other sensory has significant amount of influence, as well as state of mind. Perception of the information is excessively important in the data anaylsis that most people do….. which part of me finds extremely amusing; its like the Theatre of data.

With the theatrical exposure and data I’ve gathered in my life its all about controlling the perception or how people take in what you give them to carry them to a specific conclusion. “manipulation” of a form

That being said, I take the data back to its raw form – clean off the perceptions, and the sensory — not discounting them because gut reaction on things is another point of data – as well as “other peoples take on things” is another point of data – but I digress.

I think this must be alot like what an English teacher does with an essay from an exceptional verbose student. They break it down to the frame work the “outline” of what was intended – if they can do this; then the essay has the structure it needs – and if not, then well it maybe a brilliant piece of fiction but it is neither clear nor concise.

I like Data. It is a form of storytelling. It conveys its truth both in form and function – not always applicable for me, but always of some substance. The ride is worth the ticket.

There are skills I’ve found – some I have, some I’ve observed, and many I am still desiring to master – that are excessively helpful for this data analysis – one I’m struggling with is allowing for the ride when I’ve already bought the ticket.

Like get on the train, sit there enjoy the sounds of the engine heating up – enjoy the heat from the outside as you sit stagnantly at the station – enjoy the vibrations and the whispers of the other passengers are you start to move – then the transition into the wind blowing thru the windows and the hustle and bustle in the cabin as the steward comes thru to help people get situated and for ticket checking.

All these things I find often boring and so I’ve mastered skills to hustle them along and hustle the herd into the stables – but I bought the ticket, and they are part of the ride. Clearly, I thought this experience would be a once in a life time pleasure so it makes sense to enjoy the moments before the roller coast dips thru the loops – those quick pauses at the beginning when the car is getting loaded and situated, the safety instructions over the PA – I should be relishing these things. Learning to enjoy them – is what I’m working with now.

The data analyst in my brain – she rarely shuts up – often times I find her doing the most ridiculous mental loops or calisthenics – you know in gym class where they made you do 50 push ups or 50 pull ups or some other ridiculous number of laps to get to the “goal” — well my head seemed to think that was a requirement so I learned to take a thought and process it upside down, around and thru quickly with many many repetitions, and that is what my brain still does – even in these days when I need to “slow down, life is to be savored” – so even in its modified state, I’m working to teach it to let the things go — not to lose the data analysis but maybe so much review isn’t necessary as I’m limiting what I’m exposing it to – and to whom.

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