Another Genie in the lamp

**minor rant first about word press** wish they would stop changing settings because the inadvertently messed me up <again> today by deleting a draft I had in process because of their wonderful feature to “auto log you to WordPress rather than your own webpage – which somehow failed to log me in and failed enough to time me out for 20 minutes as well as eat the blog I had in process *** end rant.

On to today – what I can recall of it lol atleast – this brain being fluff is sometimes a little less fun than others.

The George Michael song “gotta have faith” sticks in my head today as I write this…. not that I’m all consumed by faith more that its strong in me – there is a pyramid of my thinking and this is somewhere near the top.

The old adage “hope springs eternal” is relevant. As we are all energy beings, from a cosmic source of energy that is neither ended nor created it exists – hope is like this, a well spring deep inside. Sometimes it needs to be cleaned or restored to remove that muck that accumulates, but its everlasting and a part of the cosmic universe that is one.

When you have hope in “something” or “someone” – the manifestation of this hope is based upon your belief. Belief is the strong sense or feeling that the Hope is not only possible but is likely to occur. The belief that the energy of the hope is strong and powerful and able to overcome small buildings in a single bound – no wait that’s superman – well its a sort of relevant saying – belief is like cosmic super power – when you add Faith into it it becomes powerful enough to move mountains and to shift reality into whatever the hope was behind the belief.

Faith gets a rap of being external – a “faith” in an all powerful sense or existence in the universe that controls the outcome of things. When in reality Faith is internal – a faith in the very essence of your core that your hopes and believes drive you further.

This is not a theoretical discussion/debate/exposition – there are a ton of those in this blog already and while I’m more than willing to stand on what I have external faiths about – there is neither “rightness” nor “wrongness” in the external faiths of others – there is only the power to clean or pollute the well of hope both the one that resides in me, and the one that resides in every other living being.

Hope is a powerful source, belief is one of its tools, and when you add Faith your cooking with gas and all things are possible.

Today is a good day.

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