A whole new meaning

To the expression the spice must flow…. I am feeling a desire to blog, however I don’t feel I have overly alot to convey or remember right at this moment – so the Alethia insanity will take over and share one of the random insights that has crossed my mind lately.

If the movie Dune is an allegory for the human body – it makes somewhat the spice the white blood cells – atleast in my vision of this world. The spice must flow. I’ve given a bit of thought to the fact that the dune sand creatures are all the entities that make up my reality inside my body – some of them benevolent many not. The spice is the only thing they all share a need and desire to obtain.

It somewhat makes me think the bene gesserit are the lymph – serving a valuable purpose but also quite annoying in their discomfort and archaic processes that while clearly effective often have unintended consequences.

Another of the rabbit holing I have done is from a dream recently where I “entered” the fifth dimension and took a disney like trip to the “empire” that is Alethia. We visited the brain – where I have been struggling to resolve/remove/heal the remaining tumors. WE – I say we because the white blood cells were my entourage and also led the charge to resolve issues.

When we went to visit the areas, we found white blood cells that had been set as defense barriers around what we will define as a biker bar. Filled with Bikers content to chug a lug. The “team” with me was content to stun the white blood cells – the good guys – and to stun the bikers. They had intents of just keeping thing stunned and clearing things out slowly.

I had other plans. I went in with my automatic weapon and took out all the bikers- and then thru a weird sense of oddness I had the giant in my entourage consume all the nutrients left over like a stilt suit and then report to recommissioning to reclaim the nutrients.

This made the expression – soylent green is people – sort of pop thru my head as I knew that the white blood cell would be decommissioned and all his resource gathered, and he was willing and wanting to help the tribe overall with this goal.

We visited the other sites that had previously been biker bars where the “stun” tactic was applied – and I proceeded to wipe them out in a clean sweep and again we reclaimed the resources.

It was a bit more graphic and I’m a tad curious the fact that I was able to reconcile the activities easily – using a star trek expression from Spoke “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few” ….

Sufficed to say that after the clearing occured I’ve gone back to those spots to check on them and to plant flowers. I’ve still put the white blood cells thru rehab and got them gardening up a storm now.

There are more dragons to challenge but of the worst I feel these ones are down a path.

Life is good.

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