Saving the world one unitasker at a time

P & I joined the AB club to define kitchen and other tools as multitaskers (most) or unitaskers – things designed for one particular task that aren’t really particularly useful otherwise and take up valuable landscape.

Before I spiderweb on this…. We had a unitasker recently “an apple corer” that I have been diligently seeking “other applications for…” so it can join the multitasker world instead of the abominous unitasker world.

This day however proved it not only to be a unitasker, but a poor one — as the apple – not huge, but clearly a larger medium size than the corer was designed to handle. The apple got stuck – at the dangerous point where most was cored and the last was not. We had to take additional time to break out the apple, and then knife slice it – which would have been significantly faster in the first place – I mean coring apples is pretty straightforward and simple.

You had one job. Yeah you guessed it time for the Segway. Just like this corer, this unitasker was unable to perform its most basic function – it has been surprising to me at how often, how frequently people are employed for one task and similarly fail to do that one job.

I mean we all have off days – perhaps this was just an off day for the corer.

Makes me think of the fellowship of the ring- One ring to rule them all…. I mean what if the ring just had an off day – the whole plot of that movie would have fallen quite significantly.

There are many things in our lives that we come to expect to “fulfill their function by virtue of their design” and this makes them “in everyway perfect” – but what about when they don’t?

Whats the appropriate emotional response? I guess appropriate emotional is an extremely subjective viewpoint just reeking of asking for opinionated judgy conversation – but is there a time when its necessary to scream about the failed job?

Or is the fact that I get emotionally engaged about this failure a reflection of the fact that I am way too attached. I mean what if the unitasker in question is lifesupport equipment? Or those paddles?

What if the one job is the pharmacist that is making up the batch of my medicine? What makes those things any different from the corer that got the apple stuck? Overall its still failing to perform their one job.

I think that perhaps I’m leaving out alot of breadcrumbs to sanity as well as coping mechanisms to just let it go here – but I will still very much enjoy the coined phrase “you had one job” — atleast in my head to amuse me when someone fails to do their one job and it causes me …. anything.

Please enjoy your one job today its Friday afterall 🙂

Life is good.

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