Butt Out – not just the expression for a dancer that is learning the ropes, but a lesson for me to use alot.

We tried a new breakfast place today – they had a cold brew called “jet fuel” – I had to try it – although its one of those cases where I should have recognized that jet fuel probably doesn’t taste good. It doesn’t, it doesn’t taste good! Live and learn.

Life has been good lately – I’ve done so many things, and I’m so surprised at how well they have worked out.

I also have a few things to learn – basically how and when to Butt- okay really I guess its but maybe? – out – meaning stop trying to save the world, save myself.

Been exercising – which I find is one of those things you feel the rewards of the next day in return – its kinda like your body says “oh you wanted us to work extra, well yeah we can do it” … so you end up so so tired, so worn… and then you wake up the next day and magically its like all the effort from the previous day is somehow adding a little more pep to your step. Even though I KNOW this is the case its still challenging to have that discussion with myself to just dooeet…. insert Nikey quote here.

I made a goal – I’ve always found that being able to “mark” that check mark helps. I’m using my rebounder, because its lower impact over all, and alot of focus on the lymph which I have found to be significant. However, I have also found that walking on my treadmill, for now since outside is not a place to be overall, helps. P has gotten me all set up with a super good place to use it, and accoutrements that make it more fun, he really is a good partner for me.

So many of the people I care about, are in that place where capitalism arbitrarily deciding to swoop down and bless them would be a benefit. It isn’t that they are “in trouble” more that life is a different sort of challenge for them.

Its definitely a thing for me to remember and help me to focus on me – that everyone has challenges – just while they are different we are all together bound by our solidarity of the fact that life poses these obstacles to let us challenge our thinking and our limits, and learn what we are capable of doing. Its very inspiring.

Just have to stay focused on healing. All paths lead to the goal of more health, stronger health, and abundance of health in my life.

Life is good.

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