Sometimes its just the potatoes

So P and I have been eating alot at home – cultivating our list of so good desired foods – and one of those for me is salmon. My body just sings the hallelujah chorus everytime I eat this – truth be told I haven’t tried more than once a week – as this feels “right” – but definitely been trying to get P on board with the salmon train. So we found, that he can enjoy salmon tacos – made much like a taco however with the protein is fish and the veg is a homemade slaw stuff. Its amazing, a little cilantro, a little guaq, a little lemon or lime and the stuff is fabulous.

Out eating at home adventures have not stopped there, we have been making homemade guaq, jalapeno creamcheese poppers, pico – all on demand to go with things – P burgers (hamburgers we patty/freeze/cook on demand – I call them P burgers because he does 95% of the work and the things come out fabulous) – and tacoes. We have been keeping a regular stock of “Things” including the things we toss in our breakfast which is often a scramble or some taco fixings – eggs with pico, or poppers, or spinach or potatoes – whatever we have on hand.

But aha the potatoes. P has figured out a way to make super quick mashed potatoes from red potatoes that are just out of this world – we use them as go -to with our steak, chicken, pork, veg – what ever main we are having and its extremely satisfying to the little carb mongrel that lives in my body. The one that says ” but what about bread”….. all the time, or “but what about desert” …. the other times. So Potato carb somehow makes this voice alot less empowered and alot more subdued so its easier to just put a finger up and shhh it.

So left field shift, that will come back.

We had our dishwasher “fixed” because it was randomly draining on the floor – and what I mean by randomly is that I run the dishwasher probably 10 times a week – definitely daily and some days twice, the flip side of home cooking is keeping the place clean. And the darn thing started choosing to drain on the floor once every other week or so— like randomly it would take a weird pee on the floor as if to mark its territory and say “Mine my kitchen” — P and I being the most excellent troubleshooters we are have been baffled – well finally the repair guy came out – who was also baffled until it drained for him ๐Ÿ™‚ only took 4 washes to get it to acquiesce (good little passive aggressive thing) – which he has marked it as “leaky seal” and replaced this….. mkay don’t ask me to explain how come a leaky seal randomly “choses” when to be leaky but hey if its fixed, its fixed right? and if not, we have your number guy and you can come back ๐Ÿ™‚

So last week, just before chemo I started smelling something in the kitchen – a godawful smell that you don’t want to smell and particularly not in the kitchen. It seemed to be coming from the dishwasher area – but I could only smell it when the ac vents were running. And it came and went. Every other time I was in the kitchen this smell was there, and growing more deliberate.

I’m super sensitive to smells – always have been – and my mind decided in its Alethia Insanity to build a bridge were known was needed – the smell represented something dead in the vents, that needed to be resolved but was going to be a nightmare and it meant the universe was telling me I was dead. A whole 15 step arch that I would litany every time I went into the kitchen and smelled this horrible smell – this litany began only after the third time I asked P to come smell and he was unable to smell the thing. Of course it had faded by the time he got to the kitchen, but bless his heart he did stop what he was doing and come on in.

So this started on Wed and its been lingering, and I’m taken by just how many times throughout my day I actually GO to the kitchen – its like nearly everytime I get up– and while this smell wasn’t there “every” time it was there most — atleast every other. Smell, Litany – insert dramatic music with lots of drums – loop.

So I had chemo on Thurs – blessedly – and opted most of Friday to sleep.

Saturday we took stuff over to my sisters house which is its own story – we will call it our three hour tour – not because it took 3 hours, but because it was 3 separate trips.

Between trip 1 and 2 we arrive back into the house and P informs me “he can smell it” – and it was like the clouds lifted, and the chorus went to work again – and suddenly just suddenly maybe there was a different outcome to this horrible thing. And then he said “I think its coming from the table – are the potatoes okay? ” — This is why I need P in my life – because I had one answer to this, and he immediately saw a more likely answer that was 180 from mine.

Short story long – it was the potatoes, one was extremely rotten, and had leaked all over the bowl and the other 6 potatoes – they were not old – likely it was rotten upon arrival and we just didn’t notice – as it was rotten in an odd place, but when I moved that bowl and brought it over for him to confirm – Yep problem solved, rotten potatoes – action required but so much easier and noted.

Litany resolved – there will be no death because of potatoes! I cried, this was the mostly profoundly happy thing in a while I’d had – and yeah apparently I’m just ridiculously emo these days – but I’m also able to laugh about it – somehow the dead smell had pyramided into me being dead – There is a reason we call it Alethia Insanity – the trick is to find checks and balances that allow me to re-write the things that are so out of control as to not be particularly helpful/relevent.

The morale of this story is Rotten Potatoes saved the day!

Life is good.

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