Give Peas a chance.

There was a video – she is currently watching the tiktok platform for a number of reasons – heck I think most people are at this moment. The video was of Dolly Parton – whom I’ve always in fringe admired and respected because of all the things I’ve heard about famous people she is a down home body I’d have to dinner at my home – I digress – a video, where in the recent floods in her hometown which put so many people out of a house or in need for a long time, she created a personal fund to grant them each 1k for six months, and gave them a 5k bonus at the end, and the video was showing the unexpected bonus at the end and the people so awash in gratitude.

In my world, 1k is alot, however its not the whole budget, but I recall the days where my budget was 1k for the whole month, and I can only say her doing this is a god send. Her helping, not because it would be public, but because she could and THIS was the time to save the world…. atleast her world of the people in her sphere.

Its a lesson to me that the circles are an explanation and the amount is by what is deemed reasonable. For her, this was a very small amount, but had such a profound impact.

Mostly, the video made me cry – because I too needed the profound reminder that as much as there is strife and struggle in the world, its still a beautiful place and I’ve a right to be here.

I’ve been missing my blog. Its very hard to write about myself in the third person when so much is papercuts in life. It is however, necessary to document these for reflection as to big and large things and developing a perspective about whats important.

I’ve been enjoying my favorite treat of late – April Pancakes with a slab of greek yogurt. They are somehow taste, texture and overall win for flavor. They are pumpkin. Its hard to go wrong with Pumpkin in my life. It is satisfying to my soul in a way no other food really is…. I’m not certain why, I haven’t delved into this memory but somehow something is both soothing, reflective and overall happy about everything pumpkin I eat – even when the taste is less than – and thats not at all the taste with these pancakes. She worked hard to perfect the recipe so it includes very little ingredients that are unhealthy – while still retaining all its pancake and pumpkin goodness. They freeze exceptionally well, and one is more than satisfying.

Travel is on the horizon, I have the bug and I’ve been feeling a yellow light after the red for so long from the universe. It will still be …. less than ideal but it will also be alot of the new normal. I remember flying before 9/11 when we didn’t have TSA – and then after TSA …. This will be the next thing…. so gotta learn the “new” protocol.

I’m extremely reflective today – I asked P about possible hitting up the dam — which is oddly not called a dam (Lake Granger) — before we head to chemo – its not c ritcal but it would be a nice start to a straining day, so we will see if is sleep patterns acquiesce or require more mending.

Weather here lately has been so uncharacteristic, which has made all the allergens super high. We are both feeling this and you know your sinus/allergies are bad when you have Benadryl on subscribe and save.

Of all the things, life is good.

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