Sometimes the lemonade is so so sweet

So we had no power for 20 hours. It was during a time when P was off, and the temperature was moderate – and while having no power for that amount of time is inconvenient in this modern day and age, of all the times it could have been it was outstanding in its delivery of “less” – so its fair to say that the lemons we were able to turn into some outstanding lemonade. We learned, we came, we saw, we conquered.

Many times in life things are going to be “not good” – how we chose to measure that “not good” is infinitely personal and I’m choosing to measure this time as a win. Both P and I were able to curb our bad emotional desires to just order out, and we slung that food like the best of them and cooked at home. The rewards are outstanding – there really isn’t anything that we get delivered that is nearly as good or healthy as the food that comes out of our kitchen.

I’ve noticed the scale has finally called uncle and has started to swing the pendulum – its also allowing me to be “less starving” all the time – I’m finding more and more alot of my “hunger” is emotionally not physically generated. Driving to the “lake” — aka Buchanan dam or lake granger are helping. While the one is so so much closer, the other includes a much longer drive.

P & I have been toying around with the idea of driving to Olympia – and yesterday watching him struggle to drive after being so so tired was a sure fire way to convince me that it truly isn’t a viable thing. We are not spring chickens anymore, and driving for 33 hours is not a small thing – even if we break it into 3 days its still 12+ hours a day – and we would need to take Starbuck with us so it would probably be even longer days with stops to let him move around/walk. I love the idea though, its so so great to pie in the sky a super longer driving trip thru parts of the country I’ve never seen. I even plotted it out and planned “stops” along the way. Was a super fun exercise for me — but a little sad at the “what haves” that could have been, cause there just isn’t a world in which this is possible today.

In the course of talking with P we have discovered the source of his vehemoth hatred of trips – he passionately dislikes airports – the entire process at the airport including the time – like waiting at the gate. While I don’t understand this, I respect his distillation of discomfort – its not that its an overly pleasant place for me either, but compared to all the other things I do that I have passionate distaste or dislike for — aka Medical things — the airport discomfort seems so so small, and I spend the time focusing on the fun that will be a byproduct – I see the effort as producing result.

Something I’ve learned, I have a pretty high tolerance for “doing things I don’t like” and or “discomfort” if the results justify/produce the desired outcome. Focusing on the goal. Or starting the project with the end in mind. Seeing those results vividly and keeping them as the attention rather than the discomfort of the moment which too will pass.

It was interesting to notice how truly quiet our house is without any power once the batter back ups stop squealing every few seconds to let us know “yes yes the power is still out” …. I also was made aware of how I’m pretty darn good at accommodating for this – as I had candles close and at the ready so we had “an ambient glow” — atleast for a few hours into the night – which I have to say was pretty helpful as “finding the toilet” would have been significantly more challenging in the black of night.

Overall, Life is good.

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