Taco Wed were taking it back

So many things going thru my head right now. I’m tired. I slept long enough last night, although bluntly who knows how long is long enough – sufficed to say I slept long enough to be more awake than tired, and able to get up happily and function.

I started my day off with a bang – started chai, started coffee, cleaned up kitchen – started laundry – all the chore things that a few months ago were alot less activation energy than they are now – thats life I guess — it seems to be life amidst the pandemic for alot of people. Activation energy is at a premium. Will things get done? The world may never know.

Today was filled with doing things from one task to the next before my mind or body had time to tell me it was too tired. These are normal routine things I know I can do. I’m tired now, but its a good tired its a tired from activity that makes me happy – and my house smells like tacos & chai — oh I forgot to mention — chopped cheese, made pico, making tacos …. three loads of laundry done.

Juicing might have to wait for tomorrow – I’m planning to make some juice out of my celery and the omg thats alot of ginger from costco — both juice and a simple syrup from the ginger so I can have all the homemade gingerale my little heart desires.

Dr appts were – as usual – a pita. Its a balancing game – while I need some of the things that they offer, I don’t need the headache they provide.

I found out today, thru the course of my – well Alethia’s wonderland — aka alethia insanity – — that P has not watched Aladdin….. Let me give a moment for that to sink on — like OMFGO how has he not watched this Disney movie that is so pivotal to alot of my expressions and thoughts, and more importantly HOW HOW have I missed that he has not watched this for almost 24 years?!? — I’m furmongled — which is part of my colloquialism but apparently google doesn’t recognize cause I can’t check the spelling — dictionary found it to be synonymous with “unglued” which is pretty much the definition I’m using. Long story short – I’ll be adjusting this travisty in the near future – this just pushed to the top of the “P must watch” list — its becoming more extensive, and I really should impliment some “table” to this list rather than just having it be an obscure thing.

I mean I realized the other day when I was talking to my mom and sis that we don’t watch things – we haven’t watched our ginormous tv in …. well more than six months – and the last movie i watched was early in 2020.

Its amazing to me how much of movies and music influence our thought patterns and habits — and amazing how much I’ve been isolated from them and how it has made me more cognizant of my own patterns and habits – Balance in all things.

Overall Life is good.

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