Accentuate the positive

Right now many many thoughts are tossing around like a tilt-a-whirl inside my brain.

There is a post-it on my desktop that says – its from a ted talk I watched recently “are my thoughts useful? How do they behave?” ….. I thought it was such a profound thing at the time that I posted it and kept it to remind me —-

In these times especially – focus on what I can do – what I can fix – what I is within my realm of responsibility – and forget or eliminate all the thoughts, worry and concern over all the other things.

Today was an exceptionally productive day – we accomplished alot of my “honey do” projects today — but I found a thing I’m not particularly happy to have found. Trying to focus on the good things, and not linger my time or energy on the other. Its a challenge.

Its a good day over all, with me feeling alot more – well I feel stronger today, except for this thing – and overall its alot easier to stay focused on what I need to be doing to heal.

We went to HEB today — well, I went – because there was a thing I wanted, that instacart “couldn’t find” … its sort of … well it makes me shake my head…..

I’ve had alot of discussions/thoughts about how fast food isn’t really fast – the latest thought is that instacarts is not really convenient for me anymore.

Being vaccinated – and being as how the store is so close – and being as how they are still enforcing the covid mask things — I feel its practically safer to actually shop myself – not to mention the fact that I can find reasonable alternatives if the product isn’t available, rather than just some crap that will cost me twice as much – and I don’t have to pay upcharges or service fees, or tips — for the privilege of getting my groceries delivered on someone elses timetable.

There is / was a time place where it might have been a better choice, but I feel like perhaps that isn’t where we are today. It took us 20 minutes to fetch the things I wanted and it was alot less expensive than the couple of things I had delivered about 2 hours before. …… basically I feel like my 20 minutes netted me a reward of food half the price of what I got delivered.

We are scanning with our UV all the foods we get – and I’m able to just “not touch things” until I sanitize after having been in the store.

New normal is very …. odd – its a very odd place to be.

There was a guy at the infusion room today – overheard his conversation – his last name was smith – which kinda made me giggle a little inside – but he was talking to one of his “farm hands” about feeding be new bulls he just got delivered from his son in Colorado yesterday — and he was jokingly telling the farm hand that they would be “super docile” …. and I laughed — I mean bulls and docile don’t really mesh very much — had the chance to talk to him – and he was a happy guy – I mean I was happy/having a good day …. and we were both in the infusion room for “things”…. so health was obviously foremost on our minds — but we had a short little banter back and forth and it was fun and amusing.

Some things in life can be the same – while everything else just isn’t anymore.

All in all – life is good.

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