Becareful what you wish for

In my life and experience, most people don’t ask me for advice – likely this is because I have been so so forthcoming the entirety of my adulthood with sharing what I know – aka advice.

There is a certain feeling that comes, when someone specifically asks you for advice – and then a subsequent feeling if they don’t take the advice. I’m not sure how to classify these feelings – this is something I’m learning over and over again – but its also quite likely that my “need” to share all my knowledge rather than wait for someone to ask for it – is probably based about avoiding the negative feeling – as in – if someone didn’t ask me for advice how could I possible feel anything about them not taking it.

The reason for spelling this out, was an interesting spiderweb.

I asked my intuition in my prayers or meditations or ponderings as my grandmother defined the time when your wide awake but refusing to leave the comforts of a warm and cozy bed but you have set your mind onto tasks for yourself — I asked my intuition for help specifically with what I should be doing or not doing to help with these spots in my head.

The answer, as usual came quite immediately – no coffee, no creamer, no sugar. To which my mind laughed and railed and so we hashed it out for a few …. it feels like hours but it was much more likely to have been moments – too brief. I will be trying this; there are specific markers I will be able to see in my blood work if the response I’m seeking is relative – so it won’t be bye bye coffee forever necessarily – just for now — now being the next 3 days – yes thats all my intuition/body told me it would take to see result. Small subtle actions produce small subtle results.

Its likely that my coffee shit will have other …. results? Both anticipated and unexpected – we will see. I am not at all giving up caffeine so it won’t so much be withdrawal.

There is something about the bloodbrain barrier that I’m not quite able to wrap my head — minor pun intended – around. Somethings get past it easily, other things not so much. This is true with feelings, foods, medicines, hormones – everything. Generally its a marker for positive health when your blood brain barrier is stronger – however in my particular case I need it to be a touch less strong to have a greater impact on what I’m trying to accomplish — It seems 10000% counter intuitive to tell my body to “be less strong” …. so I’m not at all going to do that. I am however going to find ways to be sneaky – a skill I’ve learned, and get past my defenses in unusual ways.

The expression be careful what you wish for rings very true for me right now, because this is something that will be a …. well I’m not overly amused at the fact that my intuition recommended the coffee drought of 2021 – but I am also acutely aware of the fact that failing to honor this advice is far more insidiously wicked emotionally than the slight sadness with which I put my favorite beans lovely somewhere less accessible – thank god I have incredible tea to take its place. Long live java crucians, may we embrace the alternative to thrive another day.

Live is good.

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