If only there were life points…

For things that make you shake your head – I guess the concept of life points should be explained too…

Like when you do something that makes your inner child happy but is NOT detrimental to the goals of your teenage or adult children you get points – big points – I think the child is worth more points than the other two – or atleast for me.

When you do something that is “bad” for your goals – those things, you know your going to do, because its part of being human that are not “great choices” …. you lose points. Maybe not as many as you gain – if your an optimist like me and you feel that a good growing points total is a happy thing.

Sometimes you loan or gift points to someone else when they are having a down day = and while you do get points for this action – depending on if it was beneficial or detrimental to you – its never as many as you give like it has diminishing returns – because some one else is not you.

That adage of put on your oxygen mask before you help someone else comes to mind.

P mentioned an article he read recently — this was after I expressed my outrage/frustration/headshake at the article posted in broad letters on the front page of the texas oncology place – you know the cancer treatment center where I go twice a week or more frequently – where some “kind hearted inaccurate soul” — thought to post an article about “does cancer eat sugar” — where they are in support of the concept of “good sugars” are okay….. Um… I don’t care the subject, but I can find research to support just about any position – that is one of the things that English taught us “how to write a good debate paper that supports your argument”…. the support can be loose. In this case, I went to the support because I was so so outraged by the article – the support is actually an MD anderson – the leading experts on cancer — an article loosely taken out of context ….. Let me explain. Cancer Cells eat sugar 10x more effectively than healthy cells. So “while” your body, can eat sugar, its a carb, it likes those too….. It 100% will feed cancer at a much more aggressive rate — so, yeah…. some carbs are necessary or less bad, but most are better avoided if you already have cancer in particular – I mean yeah the processed candy tastes great, I love cake, pie and ice cream as much as the next person, but having cancer is just an excuse to have “less” of those things on the regular than the normal person 10X people 10x — think of a salad bar, or a desert all you can eat…. and your healthy cells – the ones keeping you alive they have to wait while 10 of those cancer cells gorge themselves on the bar before then can even get there.

I digress

P mentioned an article that came up on one of his feeds – that was along this same vein – “essential oils cause 1/3 of seizures” …. we tabled it for last night, because 1 – it was way too sensationalism for me to have any belief in it, and I was too tired….. but tomorrow is another day in the words of the great O’hara — and I’ve done some research. … Camphor and Eucalyptus was the “source” of the accurate research – and they looked at Epileptic adults having seizures in the hospital – and the findings were 12% — which is alot less than 1/3 — but hey reality used to be a part of me…. I mean 33% ? Really? No Fing way.

I like essential oils, and I do feel more research is needed….. Mostly because they are insanely helpful – but they have now coined an ACRONYM about this seizure thing…. EORS – Essential Oil related seizures. Wow – someone has a thing against smells – why don’t we just coin one called GRS – Game related seizures or TRS – Tech related seizures…. I mean seriously? Essential oils are “plant based” and while I will be the FIRST to recognize they are potent – why be fear mongering?

For reference, garlic has also been noted/documented to caused “increased neural activity” – aka seizures…. I will be the first person to tell you if I NEVER ever experience one of these buggers again I’ll be happier for it and if I had some magic to prevent my sister from her struggles I would do it – but I don’t think blaming essential oils – which help one naturally “RELAX” — I mean I’d actually be more interested in which of the anti-seizure companies are using plants specifically utilized in essential oil therapy to construct the anti-seizure meds they use — chamomile, lavender, These are essential oils – do they cause seizures? There are essential oils for nearly every type of thing one wants, they are lumped into a category – might as well say “drugs cause 1/3 of all seizures” because I am pretty certain I could find proof to verify that thesis faster/easier than “essential oils cause 1/3 of all seizures” ….

Things that make me shake my head – Yes I’ll take erroneous information for 1000 Alex – and don’t be shorting my cash because you can’t make up your mind!

Life is good.

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