A different drum, a different beat.

I learned a long time ago to listen to my heartbeat – that is to hear it and be able to slow it or speed it depending upon the need, and to synchronize it with my breath. This has been a helpful skill many times in my life – and I’ve found of late, that the beat is different. Its a little … different to synchronize, and a little more challenging to speed or slow the beat. I have decided not to be overly ….. thoughtful? of this, more that its a thing of which to be aware.

My normal heartrate is in the 60s – I use a little care because its not uncommon for my resting rate to drop/dip into the 40s, so I just have to add a tad more activity to get it to be in the normal range.

I’ve found my blood pressure to be … a tad lower lately too – this isn’t overly concerning except for the fact that all of the meds, and all of my lifestyle of late would naturally put my blood pressure a tad higher – its not low to be of a concern medically – however given the fact that the “normal” would seem to be high for me – and its low – its … curious

Many things are curious right now. I’m struck by how much the choices I have made in my life have led me to a happier place – particularly in these turmolotious times. <- don’t you love when your spelling is so bad that spell check is like WTF mate, to your word – I know that there is a word, that clearly expresses what I’m trying to say, but I’ll be damned if I can figure out how to spell it.

It feels much like life is a rollercoaster right now, there are giant ups, and giant downs, and loops around, and spinning caves of knowledge, doubt but also hope – and just …. there are alot of times when I wish for a pause button – or something to make the ride a little more “its a small world” and less “thunder mountain” for a brief few moments.

People in the world are crazy – and I’m in the world, so I suppose that makes me crazy as well – and wow maybe the normal normal will settle down and be a thing soon.

Life is good. Overall, life is good.

One thought on “A different drum, a different beat.”

  1. In your own modified words…
    Your cells listen to your voice, both internal and external. Dance a happy song filled with your best outcome! Make it up as you go along and love love love your self💕
    I love you too🥰

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