Dancing the funky chicken

and other things that just make you laugh…..

Last night, P and I were doing our wind down time – this is something that has been a product – healthy beneficial product of the pandemic- — go go forced isolation and making the best of it! — to laughing hysterically.

There are just so so many good things in our lives. We were quoting memes – well before there was an internet there were memes in a different variety – and its so amazing to be of an age to recognize and be able to have these — I mean I love having so many varied “ways of society” in my life / history – from before the internet when things were more laid back and significantly less “rush rush rush” —- to the days of the first cassettes, to the days of the first discs, to the days of the first pagers, cell phones, to the first smart phones… to the first ipads, to the evolution of push the button like a pez dispenser for “give give give me more more more” …. and its amazing to me, how this progress is…

Was talking to my therapist about imaging’s I had recently about what it would have been like to live in the days when Edison was inventing the “light bulb” — when Electricity wasn’t a thing – …. its very hard to fathom but my tools of the expontial evolution of society provide a bread crumb trail of what it must have been like for those folks who first “saw the light bulb” and were aghast. I mean we …. take it for granted, you flip the switch and the power magically makes light generate — or in our case, you vocalize to Alexa “please turn on the lights” and magically they appear. Harry Potter step down chief, Alexa Is all that and a bag of chips — when she has internet and isn’t busy doing other things — spiderweb for another day.

The ridiculous of our memes are things like Terminator quotes, Goonies quotes – or the one that got us seriously started last night, Ming the merciless — We also quote song lyrics randomly – its so nice to be within a few years so we have the similar societal upbringing – and we have a shared of over 20 year background of joy to also reference.

We were talking about my favorite Nephew last night; and I suddenly realized the reason he is my favorite is of all my nieces or nephews — of all the other peeps in my life – he is the one that is most like P. He has so so many of the best aspects of the traits of P inside, without any of the tarnish of “life and growing up” stenciled into lead them a particular way.

Life is so full of amazing and unexpected surprises – so many of them are just incredible and its so great to be able to experience them.

Life is good.

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