The skills that we learn

There are alot of thoughts running thru my head right now.

Had some really good conversations lately with P & then R about mad skilz.

Had a revelation about the fact that “cells listen”

This has been a challenging year – and in my opinion one of the greatest things is that people are realizing that emotional and mental health are just as important as physical health. So many people do not have tools for dealing with time alone with themselves.

This seems like such a no brainer thing for me – but then its probably why I was so so resistant to going to a therapist for so long – sure I have very well developed skills for self analysis and self actualization – why do I need to pay someone else to do this… and how can they possible be half as good as me at doing me.

Going to therapy for these past two years – I have learned the value of having someone else with no agenda to listen and suggest. I have learned the value of another opinion, that I trust but that can only see the perspective from an outside observer. I’ve also learned the value of a PHd thru my therapist – not all folks of any career are “great” just because they got a degree doesn’t mean they gained the learning that went along with it – it just means they preserved, and as well know a 70 got the same degree as a 90.

There is a skill set for “being able to deal with yourself” — that just isn’t one you get without working on it. There have been alot of times I’ve spent working on this skill. Even before the dreaded C – I’ve learned, I’ve evolved, and hopefully I’ve become a better stronger person.

The revelation was about – well I’ve read and heard alot of folks talk in the past year about how our cells are “smart” — heck the new virus’s even take our cells to “school” much the same way that the immunotherapies have for a few years – teaching the cells “what to look for, how to recognize, and what to do about it” …. Our smart cells, like us. They like and believe what we think – but more importantly especially what we say. They like and believe our voice.

I was realizing as I was verbalizing the fact that its time for me to have clear scans. I could feel my cells light up in relief and happiness. I know, that I’m still working on the Big C – so it might not be the beautiful scan right now. But I believe, it is possible, its time and I can have clear scans.

So the revelation was – wow I need to speak this more often – because my cells are listening and I want them to light up in joy more.

It has been a really good day of getting to see my new baby niece, hanging with my brother, of getting acupuncture to support my healing.

I am very grateful for the people in my life that just send me random sunshine and fill up my vessel with joy and hope.

Life is good.

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